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20 Totally Ridiculous Meals That Should Not Have Been Made

Strange food combinations can sometimes result in a surprisingly good meal. Like how foods that are generally eaten as two separate meals, put together as one, can come out as something amazing, like chicken and waffles. Two totally different flavour palates sometimes make for something good too, like cheesecake or Chicago mix with their sweetness and saltiness. A strange food combo can be great, but there are some general standards that should be abided by when it comes to food. Flying too close to the sun can be a terrible idea. Too much of a good thing becomes bad, original ideas are just scary, and what was once food is now a nightmare.

Food that is too far gone to be classified as real food anymore is stupid food. Is it edible? Probably. Would eating it have terrible repercussions? Definitely. So take the chance, I guess. Reddit's /r/stupidfood is chock full of outrageous meals created by some overzealous chefs, or maybe someone with just too much time on their hands. Here are just 20 examples of super stupid food.

Cheesesteak Cheesecake

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Enough Said

Guys. This old lady made lime jello with mayo and shredded cheese on top.

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Minion Meat


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I don't like what this is suggesting.

Sad Looking Chicken and Waffle

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Gold Sheet Sushi

PALMA Recapn

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Seems excessive.


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This is just the best of both worlds.

You Did What


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This is gonna make someone angry.


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Vegan Pepperoni

... Vegan pepperoni! There's literally no reason for you to not go vegan and save the planet First try at vegan pepperoni 0 ||||

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Looks really appetizing.

Fruitcake Mountain Dew

Cola ORIGINAL TASTE CYCLE M ola oca ASTE HOL PO000000@one69026COOOOO Oscacsovsee TW 128 Fruitcake Flavor with a Blast of Artificial QUAKE FRUT BOOOOO AGE BO DAW OOOOOO0000000000006 930003 XZ ONY SIRION GOD HE

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French Fry Spoons


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Oh So Festive


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It looks like it's going to attack you.


AWW 100% NATURAL PIA ver fixins! 12F0Z (355ml) STARD MUSTAR USTARD VORED DA FLAVORED SODA PURE 100% NATUR FLAVORED SODA VAS Phill got yor figh NET WT 12 FL 0Z (355m CHE REEDS 100% NATURAL till got yor fixing! NET WT 12 FL OZ (355ml) ORIC get yor ff AT 12 FL OZ (35

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That's not right

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Easter Supper

KITCHENS Oven Bags( Turkey Size Pest

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Everything Pizza

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Octopus Jello


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URS TOD Cursed Foodposting Kaila Denny. 1d. Went to a potluck for the first time..." Sarahs Chicken Wings" UPDATE: Sarah said "Boiled with Salt, Pepper and Sage!

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They look sick.

Extra Cheese


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