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What Does 'FNF' Mean?

FNF slang explainer.

The zoomers are all saying "FNF" and they're not talking about Friday Night Funkin' this time. Here's an explanation of what "FNF" means.

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What Does 'On God' Mean?

On God slang explained.

I swear, on God, you don't know what this term means. Allow us to provide a quick breakdown of what you need to know about the slang term "on god" and how to properly use it.


What Does 'My Brother In Christ' Mean?

my brother in christ meme slang.

Often seen in conversations between two people or in memes around the internet, what does the religious-sounding phrase "My Brother In Christ" really imply? Allow us to explain.

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What Is 'Yiff?'

Yiff explainer.

If you've ever encountered a furry on your travels across the web, you may have heard the term 'yiff' before and found yourself confused. Here's exactly what it means.


What Is A 'Chad?'

Chad explainer.

Who is this mysterious "Chad" who keeps popping up in internet memes? Allow us to explain the origins and meaning behind the term and what exactly it means with this explainer.


What Does 'Edgar Haircut' Mean?

What Does 'Edgar Haircut' Mean? / What Does 'Edgar Cut' Mean? / Edgar meaning / Edgar Haircut meaning

The "Edgar" cut came from somewhere. It didn't just appear on most Latino boys seemingly out of nowhere, so here's a little history on the slang term and what it means.


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