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What Is 'Dogwater?'

Dogwater slang term.

Why are people calling each other "dogwater" in video games now? Read all about the popular gaming insult and how it came to be with this explainer.


What's A 'Femcel?'

Femcel slang explained.

Over the years, the incel's female counterpart has generated significant discussion and memes, but where did she come from and who was the first femcel? Here's a quick explainer.


What Does 'Yeet' Mean?

Yeet slang term depicted in an image of a man throwing an axe.

One of the most versatile phrases to enter youth vernacular, "yeet" has many different uses, but always has one for any situation. Allow us to explain.

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What Does 'UWU' Mean?

IYKYK slang explained.

Since as early as 2005, anime lovers have been typing "uwu" as a way to express their happiness online. Here’s a quick explainer on what uwu really means and how to properly use it.

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