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Deepfakes Are Changing The Way We Meme

The Baka Mitai meme featuring various meme figures singing. Trump as Mr. Bean, 6ix9ine as Filthy Frank, and Kanye West as Bed Intruder stand in the foreground.

Thanks to its widening availability and ease-of-use, deepfake technology has reached the memeverse in full force lately, spawning original formats like Baka Mitai. But what does this mean for the future of memes?


Weekend Wink: Craig And Luigi

Still image from the Video Game Death Stranding. A naked man with the face of Craig the Halo Infinite Brute is seen from the chest up, clutching a Luigi instead of a fetus.

The Weekend Wink is a look at the memes that made it big during the weekend, quick as a wink. This weekend, Craig and Luigi were the big winners, so let's see what they are and why they became sensations.

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StoryFire: A New Way to Meme

Out of Nowhere Spetsnaz meme. A man with a Pepe head ambushes a man representing StoryFire with a knife.

For a new social media platform to succeed in an already crowded landscape, it has to offer a way for users to share and embrace memes. StoryFire goes a step beyond this by offering memers a brand-new way to share story-based memes.


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