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The Twitch Emote Cycle

Twitch emote evolution
Kappa, POGChamp, Jebaited, Trihard, Pepe the Frog

Chat emotes are a defining feature of Twitch culture, and the presence of third-party plugins has allowed for a plethora of new unique emotes. However, as new ones come and old ones go, their meaning continues to evolve.


Hackerman: Do The Memes Do Him Justice?

Meme with Elliot Alderson from "Mr. Robot," Ryan Beckford typing on a fake laptop, and Tony Stark. Chrome logo with the word "Hackerman."

Throughout meme history, your typical "hacker" has had many faces, from the infamous Guy Fawkes mask to Rami Malek as "Hackerman." Let's explore the origin, appeal and accuracy of these meme interpretations of the friendly neighborhood hacker.

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