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ITT: we discuss poop, and poop stories

Last posted Nov 28, 2012 at 04:58PM EST. Added Nov 08, 2012 at 01:33PM EST
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today I downed 20oz of german chocolate cake flavored coffee from the coffee room from our new k-cup coffee machine:

30 minutes later I remembered that yesterday was wingsday at "the pint", 3 dollars a pound, and I ended up having 4 pounds of wings, plus some deep fried pickles…mmmm…

I pinched the hardest toughest loaf of ALL time, and it had some interesting looking white specks on it, no idea where that came from

didn't even need to wipe

how was your guys' shits today?

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Why is that you have the most disgusting shit when the toilet decides to plug? The other day, the toilet was stealth plugged, that is, its plugged but it looks perfectly fine. Anyways, I ended up with a toilet that looked like a mug of hot cocoa with little chocolate marshmallows. Fuck my life.

I hate the kind of shit where it breaks off at the end, so it's beyond the ability of your anal sphincter to push it out so you're left with this chunk of poop stuck to your ass. If it's barely hanging, you can wiggle your ass around to make it drop off. If not, get the toilet paper out, it's gonna be a long night.

CLYDE (Joe's Nightmare) wrote:


So, who has any interesting pee stories?

After all, we all know pee is better than poop.

that's debatable, but your statements holds some water

speaking of holding water, this other day I saw this girl in a tub, she aptly named herself tubgirl

also, here is a google image search of people who recently enjoyed some cocoa bean infused treats

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To the people that came to this thread and downvoted the stories, let me ask you something. Who is the bigger idiot? the guy telling a poo story, or the guy who saw the title "we discuss poop, poop stories" entered anyways, and was shocked to find out this was about poop?

DAc. that is quite the solid statement, I like it
but I think more people need to take a shit on this thread
why can't we all peacefully share stories of our bowel movements?
none of you are above anyone else, so don't act like your shit don't stink

yall need to let both of your cheeks go loose so the stick will drop out

I am pretty proud that I don't actually have to put effort into making a decent thread, I can see how this pisses off other people, and this fills me with glee and shit

>Have to poop
>Probably last night's dinner
>Didn't digest too well
>Turns out it didn't digest at all
>On toilet
>Trying to poop
>Quite the exercise
>Work up a sweat
>Pass out
>Oh God
>Violating myself from both ends of my body
>Sweat profusely
>Palms are sweaty
>Knees weak
>Arms heavy
>Vomit on sweater already
>Mom's spaghetti

Hello there citizens of the world, we would like to introduce you our new poop-cake store!
Prepare your eyes, cuz' this is the best thing you'll ever see!!

Take a look at our menu:

Poop cake with tissues and flies! Only 500$!

Birthday poop cakes, perfect for your friends' birthdays! Only 700$!

And last but not least…
The chocolate-poop-cake! Only f*cking 9001$!

And if you think you can find better deals than these, you can kiss our asses!
It's our belief you are such stupid motherfuckers, we'll have 100 customers every half a second!

How do we make our poop-cakes?
Simple! Our workers take a huge sh*t on the floor, we put the poops all together, and voila!
A perfectly-made poop-cake!
Buy it now or we'll go to your house and f*ck your family!
So buy it NOW!!


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