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jery get ipad / homer get ipad

Last posted Mar 23, 2023 at 08:27PM EDT. Added Mar 23, 2023 at 08:27PM EDT
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"homer get ipad" is an ironic, flippant plot description (usually in all lowercase) that mocks banal modern writing tropes, specifically in The Simpsons. It was probably directly inspired by the 2012 episode "A Tree Grows in Springfield" in which Homer gets a MyPad, the show's iPad parody (which first appeared in "Holidays of Future Passed" in 2011). The earliest posting of the phrase I could find is an August 4, 2014 tweet by @staticbluebat.

It's been seen on Twitter, Tumblr, 4chan, and YouTube comments of videos from the episode. One seemingly removed video's comment section spammed with the phrase is shown in an April 28, 2018 tweet by @faunagrotesque.

I haven't thought about this phrase in a few years, and I thought it already had an entry, but it turns out the phrase actually has no search results in any section of this site. The Google Trends data for "homer get ipad" is mostly flatlined with random spikes from 2004 to now, the biggest being strangely before Apple even announced the iPad in 2010.

In my research while writing this, I think I've found the true origin point (where "homer" would be a derivative): "jery get ipad". This was heavily memified (and probably coined) by Weird Twitter account Seinfeld2000 who has posted the phrase and variants of it (with "Jerry" always misspelled "jery") recurrently since 2013, often as a response to "what if Sinefeld still on TV (today)". I haven't seen a single origin tweet on the account in this basic form, so it's possible it originated elsewhere (it looks like Tumblr meme speak of the time to me). It should be noted the first "Homer get ipad" tweet I mentioned earlier is a reply to a Seinfeld2000 tweet (an image of the Simpsons on Seinfeld's couch).

This also spawned a sub-meme in a Steve Harvey Family Feud 4 pane image macro.

I don't know its origin, but it's been widely reposted and even recaptioned in some edits. It at least existed by June 22, 2015 as it appeared in JERRY GET IPAD posted by YouTube user snakelama where it has 11,000 views. In another video, Jery get ipad by The Original Runch (March 3, 2016, 44,000 views), the scene is remade using footage from the show and crude voice dubbing.

To compare my earlier screencap of Google Trends, here are the "jery", "jerry", and "homer" versions of the phrase together. They all have similar graphs with the same weird spikes before the iPad was made, but this shows there's at least some memetic juice in each of them.

For some reason, I remember "homer get ipad" more strongly than "jery", but I'd seen them both. I've seen yet other characters' names before "get ipad", and while it's hard to say if they're in reference to Jerry, Homer, or both, it's even harder to say if this warrants an entry. As widespread and recurring as I've seen it, it's still relatively obscure.

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