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Desu vs De-geso

Last posted Nov 04, 2010 at 11:13PM EDT. Added Oct 22, 2010 at 09:56PM EDT
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No I am not going to say that.
Does anyone happen to know if De-geso actually means anything?
I mean I googled "De-geso wiki" and didn't get a wikipedia link, Therefore there is a 90% chance its fictional.

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For Ika-chan ,and for Invasion , I dare write broken English to explain this tiny difference.I'm a Japanese please don't blame me if i might write engRish.

"Desu" is suffix of Japanese for making assertion.It style is formal and modest than "Da".Both of them is used commonly.

and In end of Edo era and beggining of Meiji era,"De-gesu" is used by males of the lower class as transformational word of "Desu".

next, "Geso" means tentacles of squid . when the terms be used,Its article is mainly based on viewpoint of cooking. If your intention is to refer to Scientific aspects of squid, you would have to choose "Shokusyu" means just tentacle(s).

So all problem was solved . De-geso is the word combined De-gesu with geso.In the beginning of movie, Ika-chan spoke formally (but rudely) as the invader .So It is natural that little girl say manlike and old-fashioned terms like De-gesu.of course, present Japanese don't use such word.

Traditionally, characterizing by making original suffix like De-geso was common technique in Anime.this is regarded too facile nowadays.but Ika-chan nevertheless did it.It is the largest fascinations of the movie that classical and perfect style.

Rozen Maiden's Desu:

…She also tends to end nearly every sentence with "desu", as a way of being polite. Some argue this has made her the most well-known characters in the series.


Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Invasion! Squid Girl)'sDegeso:

Like a squid, she has ten fully controllable tentacles and can spew ink. She enjoys shrimp and greatly fears natural predators like killer whales. She always ends her sentences with "de geso" (~で げそ, lit. "tentacles") as a final particle.

Pick your kawaii poison


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