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post a song and rate it.

Last posted Apr 14, 2023 at 10:33PM EDT. Added Aug 02, 2014 at 01:37AM EDT
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7/10, not something I'd casually listen to personally because it doesn't quite click with me like some similar music, but sounds like it'd set the mood in the ending to a drama film.

And now,the musical representation of a panic attack.

7/10: This is a solid trance song that is beautifully sung, but there's something about the volume mixing that makes my head hurt, which really is a shame as it ruins an almost prefect example of this genre of music.

It's odd, its giving me the same feeling you get when pressure changes quickly, like when you are taking off in an aeroplane or driving quickly down a hill.

7/10 I only previously heard a snippet of this song for a list video I made, but what I really like about it is the pseudo Peter Gunn beat and that it reminds me of Nick Cave's Dig Lazarus Dig (even though that song came much much later).

9/10: I really like this, it's got a great energy to it and the techno-funk reminds of the old-style arcade games from the 80's. I'd quite happily use this as study or chore music.

1/10, too long and it sounds way too jumbled up for it to be appealing to the ears. And the melody isn't anything special.

@Lazlo77 Ooooh I'm actually mad that I missed out on rating your song. Digital Love is a favorite of mine…

The beat is not over my alley, but the chorus is catchy

Y'know, I said in the past that I am not a big fan of 80s music, but that doesn't mean the whole decade was trash, because there is a lot of good stuff that came from that overglorified decade by nostalgia and hollywood: alt rock, post punk, hip-hop, thrash metal, and, my guilty pleasure, Japanese city pop songs.

But to see one of the people who created that decade gone is really something awful and terrible. I hope Eddie Van Halen is teaching to the J-man how to shred the guitar, wherever he is right now.

(actually is a 7~8 /10)

At first I thought this song would do the awful trope of adding character voices in the background at the start of the song, just like the OP of Gabriel Dropout does, but I'm glad it didn't take that route, and yes, at first the song didn't catch me but latter, specially in the end, did click on me with that catchy chorus.

I've been meaning to get into more Bjork albums. Loved Post, and judging by this song, I really need to give Homogenic a listen. Joga is an awesome song.

9/10. I really liked that, it has a nice strong beat and the singer has a wonderful husky quality to her voice.

Heads up, this is another German song from me, as I feel it's very fitting for this time of year and in case it bothers you, the translated lyrics.can be found here.

Regardless of my lack of knowledge on German language I'd say it was a good party

This week was awful, can you imagine living in your home for 4 straight days without internet? not leaving your home? What a wacky situation innt?

Anyways, here some chill brazillian tunes

Senhor Cartola is a Brazilian singer-songwriter legend and rightly so; this song evokes images of a tragic poet and his violao in impoverished Noreste

8/10 It's the only non-single from the album that I've heard, and I can tell why it gets remembered, particularly on SiriusXM's 1st Wave.

I know I'm weeks late, but RIP Helen Reddy:

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