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post a song and rate it.

Last posted Apr 14, 2023 at 10:33PM EDT. Added Aug 02, 2014 at 01:37AM EDT
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5/10 Like many, I was introduced to this by Tony Hawk's Underground, and I do enjoy the instrumentation particularly in the beginning. However, shrieking vocals are something I can only stand in bit moments and not through a whole song, and it specifically becomes annoying when it gets repeated at the end.

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7.5/10, I like the funky bass, singing has a "might grow on me over time" feel to it.

Also this song I'm about to post has a lyrics video but I'm not posting that version because it's basically one big epilepsy simulator, so instead here's the "just shows the cover of the single" upload of the song:

8/10: Good Ol' Spandau providing an excellent bit of 80's pop. Not my favourite song of there's, but very solid regardless. As cliché as it may be, I still think Gold is the best song they did, as it just stands out so much compared to the others.

I tried getting into Beck, but I it wasn't exactly what I expected nor required. This isn't an exception, but I appreciate the old school Brazilian-like sound. The lyrics also work well with glitching outro, depicting this fake made for tourist reality. 8/10

What does KYM think of new King Gizzard?

I don't know if I'm ready for a more dance-pop friendly version of the King Gizzard. I appreciate when bands and artists try new things or change their sound, when that happens is either a great success or a complete mess, but I don't know, it felt something is missing here, and for disclaimer, I haven't listen their new work yet.

So yeah, those are my impressions.

>tfw senpai doesn't notice you:

Whelp, the video isn't available so I'll rate it as a 7/10 due Youtube fuckery

Happy Cyberpunk launch day everypony!

Yeah, I'm reposting this song but I will be sorely disappointed if none of Billy Idol's Cyberpunk songs aren't included in the Cyberpunk game just for the lulz.

I can see why Los Jaivas is one of South America's most popular classic rock bands, they seamlessly fuse traditional Andean music with modern instrumentation, and it's well exemplified in this soothing but upbeat number

7/10 At one point I got sick of it having to play it on Rock Band 2's career mode, eventually i sort of came back around to it. The ending is what keeps me somewhat interested though.

I'll give the benefit of dobut here, 8/10

Here in my home isn't new year yet, but I wish to everyone a happy brand new year, hoping 2021 doesn't sucks in the way like 2020 did, and that we can move on and trow in a trash can the year 2020, where it belongs.

mmm I dunno if I can play an EU4 match with this, it really needed some instrumentation

"Hey homie finally you're awake, hit your head pretty hard there huh."
"2021? TikTok hits? Drake? 6ix9ine? Mumble rap? The fuck are you talking about!?"
"Here, listen to this new shit from Dr. Dre and that new guy Snoop Dogg on my Walkman yo!"

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6/10, I'm used to the Big Pun version and hearing Dre's rather simple flow over this beat just feels underwhelming in comparison

Last edited Feb 15, 2021 at 03:46PM EST

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