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Create An Official Video Tutorial On Creating Entries On KnowYourMeme

Last posted Mar 27, 2016 at 02:00PM EDT. Added Mar 19, 2016 at 03:01PM EDT
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Since the admins clearly can't do every entry ever and thus rely on having lot of users help, it would be beneficial to make it easier for more users to effectively contribute to unfinished entries. This ease would be in the form of just a simple video tutorial or perhaps a short series of them. What sections need to be in each entry such as a person, meme, online personality, group, etc. would be a good information. Information on what codes need to be included in each page and where to get them and how to edit them, such as Search Interest from google trends or how to format several videos or images into a single entry page would also be very useful for users wanting to get started. I could see these videos being easily produced with screen-capture program and some scrolling and pasting code for various entries.The benefits of doing this would likely be great since usually users are usually left to ask lots of questions in forums/irc and otherwise have to figure it out themselves which inefficiently takes longer and likely turns away several potential editors whom might contribute if they had a nice 'how-to' video guide.

What are your thoughts on having an official short series of videos on making various kinds of entries on KnowYourMeme and what would you want included?

We definetly need some kind of tutorial, the only problem is finding out who could make it.

We should add the entire do's and don'ts list to the New Entry page, instead of just having an abridged version. Furthermore, we could also directly embed the tutorial video there.

By the way, we should remove the feature that makes you read through the guidelines every time you make an entry. It should only be shown if you're making an entry for the first time.

Not saying bad idea, but i am kinda concerned if cheesb. want to share a god damn budget for the creation of such video or even worth to do such thing.
Yeah that broken embed and the section should be removed though.

we should remove the feature that makes you read through

For the non-first-timers, i assume? I would closely say the same thing above. It takes less effort for sure. But does it really worth to implement such code?

Last edited Mar 23, 2016 at 07:02AM EDT

I'd like some admins to give 2 cents on this idea. Something, needs to be there because for the most part unless you're really intuitive about copying and pasting code and mimicking formatting on other pages, it's really confusing knowing what specifically is the proper way to format.

I believe there should be a video on each category of entry. These videos wouldn't need to be terribly fancy you'd just make an outline of every conceivable element that may appear in each category of entry, then record the screen of the computer as code is pasted in for each section with an explanation detailed parts of each section such as linked and cited info. Any thoughts on other things that should be included if these videos were to be made?


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