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Games you have modded the fuck out of

Last posted Sep 19, 2023 at 01:55PM EDT. Added Sep 05, 2023 at 11:24PM EDT
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The elder scrolls series as a whole, but I feel like most everyone who played it has at one point modded Skyrim.

Thinking on it a little, The elder's scrolls series basically caused a modder's revolution as early as Morrowind, and intesified with each successive release in the series. Modding became so widespread that Bethedsa tried to implement paid mods on steam (to great failure, thankfully). Now what we get it the creator's workshop and all that mess.

Besides modding Bethesda games to hell and getting slighty off topic, I think one of the more memorable mod packs I've played is Smash Bros Universe and PM EX Remix. Universe for the aboslute most absurd Brawl experience and EX Remix for backported characters and really cool fanmade fighter experimentation. I still play
Brawl minus on ocasion just for it's own unique combat system compared to project +.

Rivals of Aether. Had more fun playing with the modded characters, stages and buddies than the base cast (Kragg still rules and the base cast are still good). Pretty much combines both my MUGEN and Smash Bros. love.

Skyrim is the only game I've ever "modded the hell out of". With other games, it's usually one or two mods, ten at most; I think my high score for Skyrim was like 100-something. I used to use mods that change the gameplay, like that Dark Souls combat and dodge rolling one, or the survival gimmick ones, but I've decided that adding too many mods will probably make it easier to crash, so I have to really focus on what I want; now I only use bikini armour and bikini armour accessories.

Dwarf Fortress, I've made semi-unrecognizable. Stellaris, I did the same. I actually broke my Rimworld copy so irremediably I had to uninstall and haven't been able to fix it, because I had like 500 mods going on at once until the game simply refused to reach the main menu without crashing when I started it up.

Fallout 4, but that's an easy given. Like Skyrim, everyone has atleast a dozen or so mods running.

It's been awhile since I last played it, but I used a ton of mods for Mount & Blade Warband. From adding new kingdoms, factions, troop rosters to full on conversion set wildly different settings such as classical antiquity to straight fantasy Warhammer or Star Wars.

Stardew Valley. I have a few world expansion mods, game mechanic tweaks, custom characters and a ton of cosmetic mods (mostly clothes and hair styles for my farmer). That includes some custom sprites and character portraits I created myself. I actually wanted to learn how to make my own mods at some point, but coding isn't for me.

Back when I used to play a lot of it, Unturned.

I had a metric fuckton of mods running in that game. Gun Mods, armor mods, vehicle mods, modded maps, miscellaneous modded items. Think I even had a mod that gave me a gun with unlimited ammo. Paired with one of the more OP weapons at the time called the Shadowstalker Mk2, I basically could 1 shot all the super bosses and zombies.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Baby's First Modding experince. If you haven't pirated and modded San Andreas at least once in your life, have you really lived?

Saint's Row 2

Without modding, this game would be a hollow husk of itself.
The great IdolNinja (RIP) singlehandedly saved the port for PC Saint's fans to enjoy for years to come.

CyberPunk 2077

Modded to hell and back, to the point most of the features set to be added in the Phantom Liberty expansion I have already enjoyed for nearly a year.
Fixed Minimap? several options within a week of launch.
Skill Tree fixes and overhauls? several already installed.
Vehicle Combat? been doing 1-8-7's since 2021.
Better Police? Three delicious flavors available, one being packaged with the aformentioned Vehicle Combat.
Third Person? Gotcha covered.
Hardcore? Movement? Gunplay? Immersion? All accounted for.
Want some companions? Want more Vehicle Customization? Custom Houses? Appearance Menu Mod and it's extensions does that and more.
Done with the story and side missions? CyberMod makes the game the ultimate sandbox.

Oblivion though in that case it was trying to just make everything but NPC faces look prettier. And these were just loose files of textures to make things like buildings and swords look less blurry. NPC faces weren't even overhauled, just given a better texture resolution from what may as well of been the first face mod for the game. A few other mods were the ever required unofficial patches and just a few race mods and a house mod from a Japanese modder that actually looked more appealing than all the others recommended on the Oblivion Nexus site though with the race mods I just deactivate whichever one I wasn't playing.

The funny thing with mods is that I tend to go for ones that just revamp the look. I don't bother much with ones that change gameplay because those didn't really appeal to me. Case in point was playing with the animation and combat replacers for Skyrim's third person combat. They felt very meh like an off-brand bootleg of a Great Value rip off of Dark Souls.

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