Dear Sister Parodies / "Mmm Whatcha' Say"

Dear Sister Parodies / "Mmm Whatcha' Say"

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“Dear Sister” Parodies, sometimes referred to as "MMM Whatcha Say," are a series of YouTube videos that overdramatize a murder scene from a TV show or film by using slow-motion effect and Imogen Heap's 2005 folktronica pop song “Hide and Seek.” The meme was inspired by an episode of Saturday Night Live Digital Short titled “The Shooting,” which in itself is a parody of the climactic scene from the season two finale of the American teen drama TV series The OC.


The season two finale of The OC, titled "The Dearly Beloved," first aired on May 19th, 2005. In the episode's final scene, Trey is fighting with Ryan (played by Ben McKenzie) as Marissa watches. When Trey begins to choke him, Marissa yells at him to stop. When he continues, she shoots him in the back, and when the gun goes off Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" begins to play. The song continues as long dramatic shots of Trey and Marissa's faces play. The scene was first uploaded to YouTube on November 15th, 2006, by YouTuber Daz90.[1] As of June 2014, the video has gained over 230,000 views.

SNL Digital Short Parody

On April 14th, 2007, an SNL Digital Short titled "The Shooting" aired during an episode of Saturday Night Live. The video, which opens with cast member Bill Hader writing a letter to his sister (the origin of the "dear sister" reference) parodied The OC scene by continuously introducing characters who would quickly be shot, with no explanation of why, with "Hide and Seek" beginning to play each time a gun went off. The video was first uploaded to Ebaum's World [2] on December 12th, 2009. As of June 2014, the video has gained over 290,000 views.


On April 18th, 2007, YouTuber tubekatt[4] uploaded a video titled "Dear Persian," in which the famous This is Sparta scene from the action film 300 was set to "Hide and Seek." As of June 2014, the video has gained over 2.5 million views. On June 8th, 2008, YouTuber but really, no[5] uploaded a video titled "Jimmy Gets Shot Dear Sister Style," which features the scene from teen show Degrassi in which Jimmy (played by Drake) is shot set to "Hide and Seek." As of June 2014, the video has gained over 1.9 million views.

On February 18th, 2011, YouTuber POPDUST[3] uploaded a video titled "Dear Bieber." The video features a clip from the previous day's episode of CSI, in which a character play by Justin Bieber is shot, which they set to "Hide and Seek." As of June 2014, the video has gained over 105,000 views. On June 9th, 2014, YouTuber StarvinLagoon[6] uploaded a video titled "Ygritte Death – Mmm Whatcha' Say" which features Ygritte's death in Game of Thrones set to "Hide and Seek." In less than a week the video gained over 13,000 views.

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