Fake Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Posts

Fake Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Posts

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Fake Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Posts, also known as Zuck Memes, refer to screenshots of Facebook Co-Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg's public Facebook posts which have been digitally altered, often making him appear as a tyrannical megalomaniac, robot or reptilian humanoid pretending to be human.


According to The Washington Post,[1] rumors the Zuckerberg was planning a potential campaign for the presidency of the United States began in December 2016 when he began a year-long tour of each state in the nation. On February 20th, 2017, Zuckerberg posted a photograph of himself reading a newspaper with his wife outside of the Selma Times-Journal in Alabama, along with a story about visiting "local newspapers" as they drove through the state.[7] That day, Twitter user @PixelatedBoat[8] tweeted a photoshopped version of the post in which Zuckerberg discusses forcing an elderly man to eat a newspaper, which gathered more than 19,100 likes and 7,200 retweets over the next seven months.

Mark Zuckerberg inSelma, Alabama. 1 hr Selma, AL, United States Today Priscilla and I stopped by some local newspapers as we drove through Alabama. One editor I met with was an elderly man in a tattered suit. I said to him, "You look like you need some money, old timer. I'll pay you 10 thousand dollars to eat one of those newspapers." He had a good laugh at that. "Why are you laughing?" continued. "Eat the paper. Eat it or I swear to god I'll buy your newspaper and turn it into an anime fanzine. If you don't start munching on that sport section right now, you'll be writing articles about Naruto till you're cold in the grave. I'm a billionaire, you think anyone will stop me?" It took him 42 minutes to eat that paper. For 42 minutes l had total power over that man. I'd never felt more alive. I bet that's what being president feels like.


On May 1st, 2017, Twitter user @edzitron[2] posted a photograph of Zuckerberg feeding a calf milk, captioned with the fake quote "Beef of the past. I am Zuckerberg. Drink of this beef milk I have grabbed from the sustenance teats. Soon you shall be burgers. Glorious" (shown below, left). That day, Twitter user Mark Constantine posted the same cow milking photograph along with the caption "Hello I'm Mark Zuckerberg and I enjoy providing nutrients to the protein units on my free time like a regular person" (shown below, right).

"Beef of the past. I am Zuckerberg. Drink of this beef milk I have grabbed from the sustenance teats. Soon you shall be burgers. Glorious." Hello I'm Mark Zuckerberg and I enjoy providing nutrients to the protein units on my free time like a regular person

Also on May 1st, The Next Web[3] published an article titled "Mark Zuckerberg tried doing 'everyday normal' stuff, the internet trolled hard," highlighting examples of people mocking Zuckerberg's Facebook posts. On September 27th, Redditor markrtoon submitted a post titled "Zuck memes horribly undervalued" to /r/MemeEconomy,[9] along with a photoshopped screenshot of a fake Zuckerberg post in which he refers to himself as a "tyrannical god-king" (shown below). Within 24 hours, the post received upwards of 13,700 points (93% upvoted) and 130 comments.

POSTS Mark Zuckerberg added 5 new photos. 4 hrs Heading back home after a great few days in Texas. Today we drove down to Waco and stopped in smaller towns along the way. The idiot rubes gawked at me like they'd never seen a man driving a solid gold hovercraft before. I scattered pennies orn the ground and they fought over them like enraged beasts. In time these animals, lacking the gift of reason, will tear each other apart. What could prevent that? Only the fist of a tyrannical god-king. I will be that god-king

That day, /r/zuckmemes[10] was launched on Reddit for photoshopped Zuckerberg Facebook posts. Within 20 hours, the subreddit gained over 6,700 subscribers. On September 28th, Redditor astroaron submitted a post asking "Why is Mark Zuckerberg a meme all of the sudden" to /r/OutOfTheLoop,[6] to which Redditor Creshal responded that it was due to his "awkward Facebook posts" that resemble someone planning a "political campaign."

Various Examples

Mark Zuckerberg September 21 at 4:22pm Like many of you, I enjoy perambulating about on my human legs while performing ordinary activities, such as observing my phone or towing my dog with a rope. Although many humans will only bend their knees forward when mechanically forced to do so, I find that perambulation in this fashiorn increases speed and efficiency by a significant amount. Li ke P comment Share Mark Zuckerberg February 24 New Orleans, LA Here is yet another candid photograph of me and my human family, in which I am exhibiting the mammalian startle reflex that we humans so frequently experience at such relatable activities as parades and street festivals. Do not be startled at the second face extending from my chest, however -- like all humans, I have only a single head! The additional face belongs to a smaller human that I have tethered to my body for ordinary human purposes. Mark Zuckerberg is at The Original Pat's King of Steaks. September 24 at 7:49pm . Philadelphia, PA . tu This is a photo of me discussing Steaks with two humans wearing white shirts and growing facial hair. After a monetary transaction of $8.32 and a wait time of 4:32, the nice human John presented me with cooked Bovine flesh. The animal's flesh was warm. TEAK MUSHRO EAK PEPPER CHEESE STEAKHOT DOG SH CAKE STEAKS HERE ONLY ← NEXT WINDOW RIES SODAS COFFEE-TEA HOT CHOCOLATE ONLY Mark Zuckerberg added 6 new photos - at 9 Ford Rouge Assembly Plant 6 hrs Dearborn, MI, United States It's my first time in Michigan, and my first stop was at the Ford Rouge Plant outside Detroit. At the assembly line, I watched robots construct a car piece by piece. "What would happen," I asked a worker, "if you sent a man through this assembly line? Would he emerge as a perfect hybrid of car and human?" No," said the worker, "the man would be killed." "You're wrong," I told him. "My mind is currently operating at the upper limit of human potential and I know that the ManCar can be made real. Imagine a car that was also your friend. Who wouldn't want to travel around inside their friend?" I snapped my fingers. My assistants brought out Mr Davis, the manager of the factory. He'd been drugged to make him more compliant. Davis had angered me earlier in the day when he shook my hand. His palm was excessively warm. Only a criminal would need his body to be at that temperature We loaded Davis onto the conveyer belt. I spoke to the workers. "Like the first dog shot into space, your Mr Davis is a dumb animal given a great and noble purpose by science. He ill become ManCar Alpha. Do not intervene. I have bought ur local police force. They will arrest anyone who interferes ith the ManCar Project." We activated the machinery. Judging from Davis's screams as e robotic arms tore into his flesh, the drugs we'd given him ere not as powerful as expected. And sadly what emerged from the end of the assembly line was less friendly and less roadworthy than I'd hoped ow could I have failed? A calculation error, perhaps? Impossible. The problem was Davis. A stronger man would have survived. I said as much to his widow, and I believe she ook some comfort from this Nevertheless, science marches on. When I am president, with the full resources of the US government at my disposal, we will perfect the process. I believe a full 40% of the US population could be converted to ManCars by 2030. Vote for me and together we will forge a new America of flesh and steel! Mark Zuckerberg is atDelaware Emergency Management gency Sep 25 at 6:33pm . Smyrna, Delaware . tu This morning I visited these affluent white male humans to discuss with them the safety benefits of releasing themselves from the oppressive nature of wool suits and neck ties. By absolving themselves of this abhorrent social construct they would yield two fold results: vagrant, homeless humans of color would be less likely to ask them for spare change and their testicles would experience incredible liberation. 847 Mark Zuckerberg is at Vicksburg National Military Park. February 22 Vicksburg, MS Below is a candid photograph of me squatting in the traditional manner over the remains of a non-functional fellow human in a subterranean corpse storage facility. Like many of my fellow humans, I also enjoy regularly visiting such facilities to imagine the decay occurring below

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