Gamer President Ace Watkins

Gamer President Ace Watkins

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Gamer President refers to a parody character named Ace Watkins created by the satirical news outlet Hard Drive and portrayed by YouTube comedian Phil Jamesson. The character is presented as a gamer running for 2020 United States presidential election, with jokes usually referencing various video games and their mechanics and the stereotypical gamer behavior.


On July 8th, 2019, satirical news outlet Hard Drive[8] created the Twitter account @GamerPres2020 (later changed to @GamerPres20XX)[15] for a parody character Ace Watkins, portrayed by YouTube comedian Phil Jamesson, presented as "The only Gamer running for President of the United States." On the same day, Watkins' presidential campaign announcement video was posted on Twitter and YouTube.[1][2] The tweet received over 7,400 retweets and 24,200 likes in one month, with the video gaining over 610,000 views on Twitter and 13,000 views on YouTube.

We need a president who can no-scope headshot the issues that divide us.


In the following month, over 250 posts were made by Ace Watkins' Twitter account, with multiple tweets exceeding 10,000 likes count (examples shown below).[3][4] On July 16th and 28th, Hard Drive published articles "Opinion: All Twitch Streamers Deserve a Minimum Viewership" and "You Cannot Have a Sex Scandal If You Have Never Had Sex" with Ace Watkins credited as the author.[9][10]

Ace Watkins @GamerPres2020 You cannot have a sex scandal if you have never had sex 11:49 AM 23 Jul 2019 Ace Watkins @GamerPres2020 I have been called a leftist, a socialist, and communist. Call me what you want, but we all deserve to live in a world where the Adobe Creative Suite is free. 8:11 AM -9 Jul 2019

Multiple tweets made by Ace Watkins have been reposted to various Reddit communities such as /r/gaming,[5] /r/gamingcirclejerk[6] and /r/GamersRiseUp. [7] For example, August 7th repost of a tweet to /r/gaming subreddit gained over 72,300 upvotes in twelve hours.

On August 28th, 2019, @GamerPres2020 annumced that on September 29th, the character will be holding a Presidential Rally in New York.[11][12]

Reddit AMA

On August 30th, 2019, /r/Gamingcirclejerk subreddit moderator hobdodgeries announced that Gamer President Ace Watkins will be answering questions in an "ask me anything" thread on September 7th, 2019.[13]

On September 7th, 2019, Ace Watkins (/u/gamerpres2020) answered multiple questions submitted by Redditors, with the thread accumulating over 35,200 upvotes in two days (80% upvoted) (selected answers shown below).[14]

The-Harry-Truman 4.1k points 1 day ago Ace, Xbox live went down last night for three whole hours. As President, how would you begin to fix our crumbling gaming infrastructure? Reply Give Award Share Report Save 1 day ago 4.4k points Ace Watkins VERIFIED gamerpres2020 Our nation's online gaming infrastructure has bordered on a national emergency for decades. From Xbox Live outages, to Playstation DDOS attacks to Nintendo online in general, all of our game companies have failed to provide us the vital services required for constant gaming. Gaming is a fundamental right and so is internet access. I will nationalize the ISPS and all online gaming services so that none of us ever again have to go without the life- saving nectar of multiplayer. Reply Give Award Share Report Save 86 2.2k points 1 day ago 3 Hello Candidate Watkins, its an honor. Healthcare is one of the biggest issues facing our country today. Knowing this, I'd like to ask: Will you guarantee that each and every American in our healthcare system has access to a Nintendo Switch, PS4, or PC in their hospital room? The way I see it, gaming is a right, not a privilege, that every American needs during their recovery from whatever surgery, illness, or injury they may incur. Thank you, A concerned gamer Reply Give Award Share Report Save tgamerpres2020 Ace Watkins VERIFIED This is a great question. After undergoing the trauma of experiencing healthcare in America (due drinking Gamer Girl Bathwater), having to suffer through a s----- knockoff N64 controller while playing NFL Blitz from your hospital bed is a travesty that no one should have to go through. They say the mental recovery is just as important as the physical recovery from a major surgery and only current gen systems can provide that type of rehabilitation. 2.9k points 1 day ago Reply Give Award Share Report Save
Old_Boy07 1.3k points 1 day ago Mr Watkins How will you solve the travesty that is my mother not letting me play video games past my bedtime Reply Give Award Share Report Save 1 day ago 1.6k points Ace Watkins VERIFIED tgamerpres2020 Missing out on video games in your formative period will have severe repercussions on your APM for the rest of your life. Children may not be able to vote, but they still are important Gamers. Speaking of which: I believe that only those 18 or older should be able to vote, and that is why I believe in strict voter ID laws requiring an "Are you 18 and willing to vote for adult candidates?" checkbox. Reply Give Award Share Report Save rollinspheal 1.0k points 1 day ago Who do you main in Smash? Reply Give Award Share Report Save tgamerpres2020 Ace Watkins VERIFIED Imain Random in every game that has the option, in order to better understand the point of view of all Americans. In games like Overwatch, I'm a versatility player, and I'm happy to fill in any role the team needs. We need a president who is willing to play the boring characters for the team, as opposed to someone like Donald Trump who rushes to get his main no matter what. 2.6k points 1 day ago Reply Give Award Share Report Save

On the same day, in a response to a question posted in the thread, Hard Drive YouTube channel uploaded a video showing Ace Watkins (Phil Jamesson) playing Super Hexagon on Hyper Mode difficulty. It is unclear whether Jamesson was playing the game himself.

Various Examples

LEVL Ace Watkins @GamerPres2020 Lootboxes, at the very least, need to tell you the drop rate before you open. Imagine if every single time you went to the bathroom, you didn't know if you were gonna poop or pee. So you stand up and the poop just falls out your butt onto the ground. That's what lootboxes are. 1:06 PM - 7 Aug 2019 Ace Watkins @GamerPres2020 Today is the 3-year anniversary of Hillary Clinton's "Pokémon Go to the polls" speech. Embarrassing. This election, I'm EV-training to become the strongest by defeating Cory Booker over and over. Then I'm going to Pokémon Snap the competition by just being a better candidate. 4:15 PM - 14 Jul 2019
Ace Watkins @GamerPres2020 America hasn't had a new DLC state in over 60 years. It's time to let Puerto Rico out of beta so the devs give more focus to it. 11:10 AM -18 Jul 2019 Ace Watkins @GamerPres2020 Global warming is a ticking time bomb and it's only a few more years until we realize bomb's at A but we're at B. 9:23 AM - 2 Aug 2019

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