Oh My God, They Were Roommates

Oh My God, They Were Roommates

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Oh My God, They Were Roommates is a quote from a popular Vine video that grew into a popular meme on Tumblr, referenced in various text posts and jokes where the quote is taken out of context.


On October 25th, 2014, Vine user ig @mattsukkar[1] uploaded a video in which he films a conversation a woman walking past him is having on the phone. The only line of he heres from the conversation is the woman saying "…and they were roommates!" to which he turns the camera towards his face and says "Oh my god, they were roommates…" The Vine gaines over 380,000 likes, 188,000 revines, and over 60 million loops (reupload shown below).


Following the post on Vine, an embed of the video began circulating on Tumblr that gained over 807,000 notes.[2] On November 21st, Tumblr user gopteenchoiceawards[3] uploaded one of the earliest posts to take the Vine out of context, uploading a picture of the face at the end of the video with the caption "when u realize they were roommates." The post gained over 200 notes (shown below).

when u realize they were roommates

The majority of posts referencing the Vine were text based and often followed a pattern where one user would say something to the effect of "they were roommates" and another user would reblog the post with "oh my god, they were roommates…" For example, a post from iamthebestby2ne1 starting the joke was reblogged by melongorl,[4] who finished the joke, on October 28th, 2016, gaining over 143,000 notes (shown below, left). On August 8th, 2017, Tumblr user pettyqueer[5] did the same on a post by shelovesjinyoung, gaining over 111,000 notes (shown below, right).

iamthebestby2ne1: and they were roommates oh my god they were roommates shelovesjinyoung: | and they were roommates oh my god they were roommates...

The phrase has been used in fandom circles of Tumblr as well, referring to certain ships, implying that "they were roommates!" led to a romantic pairing. For example, a post by fandomlife-universe about Harry Potter characters Oliver Wood and Percy Weasley being in the same graduating class at Hogwarts led to posts by animateglee and niranhesr[6] completing the text of the Vine, gaining over 73,000 notes (shown below, left). A post by podcast Welcome to Night Vale fan blog night-vale-community-radio[7] referenced the Vine and gained over 1,600 notes (shown below, right).

animateglee: fandomlife-universe: Friendly reminder that Oliver Wood and Percy Weasley were in the same year at Hogwarts. And they were roommates. oh my god they were roomates Random Night Vale Citizen, Just Walking By:and they were roommates Cecil G. Palmer, Microphone In Hand: oh my god listeners they were ROOMMATES

Various Examples

just a reminder that they were roommates #oh my god they were roommates #mine 87,294 notes shiro: yeah, matt and i were roommates together in the garrison hunk and lance, in unison: oh my god they were were roommates #shatt #hance #p #shitpost #whaddup dream daddy: and they were roommates dan: oh my god .. they were ( ; roommates ;)) #shut it isa #phan #dan and phil glinda, telling the story of how she and elphaba met each other: ...and we were roommates! ozians, gasping in disbelief: oh my god they were roommates Eddie: and they were GAZEBOS!! Richie: oh my god they were gazebos joly and bossuet victor hugo: and they were roommates us: oh my god they were roommates

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