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Alex Jones is an American talk show host of the syndicated radio program The Alex Jones Show and founder of libertarian news website Infowars. Online, Jones has earned a reputation as a vocal libertarian and right-wing conspiracy theorist after accusing the United States government of secret involvement in historical events and human-made disasters.


In the 1990s, Jones hosted the talk show The Final Edition on the radio station KJFK in Austin, Texas. In 1996, Jones launched the libertarian political news site,[1] which often features articles about conspiracy theories and government corruption.[3] In the 2001 drama film Waking Life, Jones appears as a rotoscoped animation ranting about the corporate control of government while driving a car with a public address system attached to the hood (shown below).

On February 11th, 2008, the Alex Jones YouTube[4] channel was launched, which gathered upwards of 557 million views and 1.1 million subscribers in the next eight years. On September 10th, 2009, the channel posted a video message from Charlie Sheen directed toward United States President Barack Obama regarding questions about the official account of the September 11th, 2001 attacks. In the next six years, the video gained over 3.9 million views and 60,300 comments. The video was removed after the channel was suspended by YouTube in July 2018.

On May 9th, 2013, the YouTube channel uploaded footage of a 12-year-old boy confronting a police officer for parking illegally on a sidewalk (shown below). Within three years, the video received upwards of 8.1 million views and 15,500 comments.

Social Media Presence

As of April 2017, Jones has over 1.5 million Facebook[5] likes and 607,000 followers on Twitter.[3]

2018 Bannings

On July 30th, 2018, the activist group Sleeping Giants tweeted[29] a call for Apple to cease hosting Infowars content on iTunes (shown below).

Sleeping Giants @slpng giants Okay...what is happening here? @iTunes @apple, are you really choosing to host Infowars on your platform after Alex Jones' harassment of Sandy Hook parents and Vegas shooting victims and threats to the Special Counsel? How does this not break your Terms Of Service?

On August 5th, Apple removed all episodes from five Infowars podcasts from the iTunes directory, including War Room and Alex Jones Show. The following day, Facebook removed the "Alex Jones Channel," "Infowars Nightly News," "Alex Jones" and "Infowars" pages from the platform. In a press release, Facebook[28] revealed the pages had been removed for violating the site's "hate speech and bullying policies." Also on August 6th, YouTube removed the Infowars channel from the site. Shortly after, BuzzFeed reporter Charlie Warzel tweeted[30] a statement from YouTube regarding the channel's removal (shown below).

All users agree to comply with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines when they sign up to use YouTube. When users violate these policies repeatedly, like our policies against hate speech and harassment or our terms prohibiting circumvention of our enforcement measures, we terminate their accounts.

That day, Jones reacted to the bannings during an InfoWars livestream (shown below).

On August 6th, Philip DeFranco uploaded a video discussing the controversy, which gained upwards of 1.2 million views and 26,800 comments within 48 hours (shown below, left). Meanwhile, YouTuber Sargon of Akkad uploaded a video titled "First They Came For Alex Jones," which framed the banning of Jones as an attack on free speech (shown below, right).

That same day, The Young Turks released a video about the banning, in which host Ana Kasparian revealed that she "agreed with their reasons" for terminating Jones' accounts (shown below, left). Also on August 6th, Ben Shapiro released a video expressing concerns about tech companies censoring conservative users (shown below, right).

On August 8th, Salon[32] published an article titled "Meet Jared Holt, the guy who’s getting Alex Jones kicked off the internet," which claimed that Right Wing Watch writer Jared Holt "helped lead the pressure campaign" to remove Infowars content from various social media platforms.

Twitter's Response

On August 7th, Twitter[31] CEO Jack Dorsey posted a series of tweets explaining why the site did not suspend Jones or Infowars, claiming they had not violating Twitter's rules, adding that the company would not "succumb and simply react to outside pressure" (shown below).

jack@jack 18h We didn't suspend Alex Jones or Infowars yesterday. We know that's hard for many but the reason is simple: he hasn't violated our rules. We'll enforce if he does. And we'll continue to promote a healthy conversational environment by ensuring tweets aren't artificially amplified jack @jack 18h Truth is we've been terrible at explaining our decisions in the past. We're fixing that. We're going to hold Jones to the same standard we hold to every account, not taking one-off actions to make us feel good in the short term, and adding fuel to new conspiracy theories. jack@jack 18h If we succumb and simply react to outside pressure, rather than straightforward principles we enforce (and evolve) impartially regardless of political viewpoints we become a service that's constructed by our personal views that can swing in any direction. That's not us

Twitter Suspension

On August 14th, 2018, the @infowars Twitter feed posted screenshots sent to the @RealAlexJones account notifying him that the site "temporarily limited some of your account features" for posting a link along with the message "Alex Jones: Trump Must Take Action Against Web Censorship" (shown below).

That evening, the screenshots were reposted by Paul Joseph Warson, who claimed that Jones was "suspended by Twitter for 7 days for a video talking about social media censorship."[34] That day, The New York Times[35] published an article reporting that tweeted linked to a video urging "supporters to get their 'battle rifles' ready against media and others, in a violation of the company’s rules against inciting violence."

Twitter Ban

On September 5th, 2018, Jones was filmed confronting CNN reporter Oliver Darcy outside a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The same day, Jones was photographed directing questions to Dorsey as he exited the building on Capitol Hill (shown below).

On September 6th, the official Twitter Safety[38] feed posted an announcement that the @realalexjones and @infowars accounts were "permanently suspended" from the site for "abusive behavior" (shown below).

Twitter Safety @TwitterSafety Today, we permanently suspended @realalexjones and @infowars from Twitter and Periscope. We took this action based on new reports of Tweets and videos posted yesterday that violate our abusive behavior policy, in addition to the accounts' past violations. 4:47 PM - Sep 6, 2018 Abusive behavior You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so. We consider abusive behavior an attempt to harass 31.3K 17.7K people are talking about this

On September 7th, YouTuber "Paul Joseph Watson": announced he was suspended by Twitter as well for posting the Alex Jones video. In a video on YouTube, Watson accused Twitter of bias for the ban while comparing Jones to other journalists (shown below).

Remix Videos

On May 18th, 2016, YouTuber Todd Dracula uploaded a montage of humorous Jones clips, including a clip from his "Gay Bomb Rant" in which he yells about "chemicals in the water" that "turn the fricken frogs gay" (shown below).

On July 22nd, YouTuber Jared Nuzzolillo uploaded a video titled "Alex Jones is a human," in which Jones passionately expresses what makes him human (shown below, left). On September 7th, 2016, YouTuber Craig has Dysentery posted a YouTube poop-style remix of the clip (shown below, right).

On October 31st, YouTuber placeboing uploaded a musical remix of Jones' ranting about "goblins" in the United States government (shown below, left). On November 23rd, YouTuber BenBam uploaded an Alex Jones "clip compilation," featuring various humorous clips from the InfoWars broadcast (shown below, right).

On February 20th, 2017, the Super Deluxe YouTube channel uploaded a supercut of clips in which Jones makes various growling, snarling noises and screaming noises (shown below, left). On March 13th, the Mediamatters4america YouTube channel uploaded a montage of Jones saying "I'm not bragging" prior to praising himself (shown below, right).

On April 10th, the Alex Jones Memes Facebook page posted a clip of Jones ranting about his distaste for mustaches (shown below). Within one month, the video received upwards of 354,000 views, 4,400 reactions and 2,600 comments.

Joe Rogan Podcast Appearance

On February 1st, 2017, Jones appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, during which he discussed politics and various conspiracy theories about interdimensional beings (shown below). Within four months, the YouTube upload of the podcast gained over 4.1 million views and 38,000 comments, becoming the most viewed video on the channel.

On February 7th, Redditor MatiaIdea submitted a Layers of Irony parody comic in which Jones asks Rogan "wat level woke u on?" before smoking a joint and ranting about "interdimensional shapeshifting monsters" (shown below). In two months, the post received more than 3,800 points (85% upvoted) and 230 comments on the /r/joerogan[10] subreddit.

wat level woke u on? i dunno like 5 or 6 interdi al uare like a litle baby, watch this shapeshifting child molesters

On March 4th, the I Only Post Memes Ironically Facebook page posted an Expanding Brain featuring a clip of Jones' speaking about interdimensional consciousness during the Joe Rogan podcast appearance (shown below).

On March 7th, YouTuber Chris Kogos uploaded a "Shooting Stars" remix featuring a similar clip of Jones' speaking (shown below).

2017 Child Custody Hearing

In Jones' April 2017 child-custody trial, Jones' attorney Randall Wilhite argued that the court should not to consider Jones' public persona when evaluating his fitness as a parent of his three children with ex-wife Kelly. "He's playing a character," said Wihite. "He is a performance artist."[6]

Jones' ex-wife, however, claimed that he was not a stable person, citing violent comments he's made toward various public figures. "He says he wants to break Alec Baldwin's neck," she said. "He wants J-Lo to get raped."

"I'm concerned that he is engaged in felonious behavior, threatening a member of Congress," she said, referring to comments about Democratic Representative Adam Schiff. "He broadcasts from home. The children are there, watching him broadcast."[7]

Stephen Colbert spoofed Jones' "performance artist" defense on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

On April 18th, Twitter user @JTiloveTX[8][9] tweeted "Newman says that in deposition, Alex Jones said he couldn't recall basic facts about kids, because, 'I had a big bowl of chili for lunch.'" Within the first 12 hours the tweet received more than 1,500 retweets and 2,900 likes.

jonathantilove @JTiloveTX Newman says that in deposition, Alex Jones said he couldn't recall basic facts about kids, because, "I had a big bowl of chili for lunch."

On April 20th, Buzzfeed’s Charlie Warzel, who is covering the trial, reported that Jones admitted to smoke marijuana yearly “to monitor its strength, which is how law enforcement does it.” Jones also revealed that he believes that marijuana has become too strong, which he blames on political donor George Soros. From his Twitter account, Warzel also tweeted "UPDATE: Jones took stand again. mentioned kids watching him. “they’re very proud of the comedy memes that i appear in; online i’m a #1 meme.” The tweet received more than 550 retweets and 1,200 likes.

Oliver Darcy @oliverdarcy Alex Jones testifies he smokes marijuana to monitor its strength," adds it's now too strong because of George Soros Charlie WarzeIO @cwarzel UPDATE: Jones took stand again. mentioned kids watching him. "they're very proud of the comedy memes that i appear in; online i'm a #1 meme'

Megyn Kelly Interview

On June 11th, 2017, former Fox News anchor and current NBC anchor Megyn Kelly[12] announced that on Sunday, June 18th, she would interview Alex Jones on her NBC News series Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. In a tweet that night, she posted a clip from the interview (shown below) in a tweet with the caption "Next Sunday, I sit down with conservative radio host @RealAlexJones to discuss controversies and conspiracies #SundayNight June 18 on NBC." The tweet (shown below) received more than 2,100 retweets and 5,400 likes in three days.

Following Kelly's tweet, many began questioning her decision behind interviewing Jones. On Twitter, people began saying that giving Jones a platform on NBC News, they are legitimizing his controversial views.

I hate that this type of coverage is gonna help legitimize him. Truly disappointing. Real Qs: Why would you legitimize this? Why would you hurt families who've lost loved ones by giving him a platform? What is wrong with you?

That night, following the comments to her tweet, Kelly[13] tweeted a defense of the interview. She said, "POTUS's been on & praises @RealAlexJones' show. He's giving Infowars a WH press credential. Many don't know him; our job is 2 shine a light." The tweet received more than 560 retweets and 1,800 likes.

Megyn Kelly @megynkelly POTUS's been on & praises @RealAlexJones show. He's giving Infowars a WH press credential. Many don't know him; our job is 2 shine a light.

Despite Kelly's defense, people continued to argue against the interview, particularly parents of the Newtown shooting victims. Since the shooting, Jones has propagated the conspiracy theory that the event was a fake, a heavily promoted part of the interview.[14]

The following day, Twitter user @yashar posted a picture of Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones posing for a selfie in a car. He captioned the tweet: "Wow." The tweet (shown below) received more than 800 retweets and 1,300 likes within 24 hours.[15]


After tweeting the picture, other Twitter users began using the photograph in a variety of image macros (examples below).

get in we're destroying the globalists Guys, I've seen this movie before. Don't get in the car, it does not go well for you. TFW you're about to get red-pilled for the first time.

The following day, on June 12th, J.P. Morgan Chase removed any of their personal advertising from Kelly's show, demanding that their advertisments not appear adjacent the interview or promotion for the interview.[16] Furthermore, the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, a gun violence prevention nonprofit group founded by Sandy Hook families disinvited Kelly to host their annual Promise Champions Gala.[17]

That day, Alex Jones responded to the criticism on his daily InfoWars broadcast (shown below). He accused the NBC interview of being "propaganda" becuase of Kelly's interrogation regarding Newtown. Jones goes on to claim that he only did the appearance to get "the anatomy of a true psy op." However, he did say that the interview misrepresented his views.[18]

On June 13th, Kelly again tweeted a response to criticism, specifically being disinvited from the Sandy Hook Promise Gala. The tweet[19] received more than 800 retweets and 2,700 likes in three hours.

I understand and respect the decision of the event organizers but I'm of course disappointed that I won't be there to support them on Wednesday night. I find Alex Jones's suggestion that Sandy Hook was "a hoax" as personally revolting as every other rational person does. It left me, and many other Americans, asking the very question that prompted this interview: How does Jones, who traffics in these outrageous conspiracy theories, have the respect of the president of the United States and a growing audience of millions? President Trump, by praising and citing him, appearing on his show, and giving him White House press credentials, has helped elevate Jones, to the alarm of many. Our goal in sitting down with him was to shine a light - as journalists are supposed to do on this influential figure, and yes - to discuss the considerable falsehoods he has promoted with near impunity.

Several news outlets covered the backlash to Megyn Kelly's interview, including Fox,[20] BBC,[21] HuffPo[22] and more. Twitter published a Moments page, documenting the backlash to the interview.[23]

Alex Jones Challenges David Hogg to Debate

On February 21st, 2018, the Infowars YouTube channel had a video suggesting that David Hogg and other Parkland Shooting survivors were crisis actors removed from YouTube, constituting a strike against the InfoWars channel by YouTube. YouTube's policy is that if an account has three strikes in three months, it is terminated.[24] On February 27th, Hogg took to Twitter to attack Jones, calling him a "shit journalist" and brought up when Jones made similar "false-flag" claims about the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.

David Hogg @davidhogg111 Follow Hey Alex Jones you seem to be really confused as to what I do/who I am I'd love to come on and clear some of this up because clearly as a s--- journalist you can't clearly. 11:14 AM - 27 Feb 2018 David Hogg @davidhogg111 Follow Wait didn't you get sued for pedaling lies about the survivors and victims of another school shooting? Clearly someone didn't learn from their mistakes 11:19 AM - 27 Feb 2018

Hogg also implied Jones a "snake oil salesman" with a picture of Jones' before/after pics selling his enhancement supplements, "Super Male Vitality," saying it took 45 days to become Thicc (shown below).

David Hogg @davidhogg111 Follow When your snake oil only makes you THICC 45 days later #jonesbrandsnakeoil BEFORE 45 DAYS LATER

In response, Jones invited Hogg to come on his show in a series of tweets to "clear things up" and "defend the first amendment," suggesting Hogg had CNN suspend the Infowars YouTube account in his name.[25]

Alex Jones @RealAlexJones Follow Hi David, it would be fantastic for you to come on. I would be very thankful for that. I want to set the record straight and clear things up between you and I. David Hogg@davidhogg1 11 Hey Alex Jones you seem to be really confused as to what I do/who I am l'd love to come on and clear some of this up because clearly as a s--- journalist you can't clearly. Show this thread 12:00 PM 27 Feb 2018 766 Retweets 1,928 Likes 304 奴766 1.SK Tweet your reply Alex Jones@RealAlexJones 5h @davidhogg111 l would love to have you on today to clear up some of the disinformation that has been put out about my statements concerning the tragedy. I notice you're calling me a "s--- journalist" and snake oil" salesman when I have never called you any disparaging names

Jones also posted a video wherein he issued the challenge to Hogg (shown below).

In response, Hogg stated he would not speak to anyone who had disparaging remarks for victims of mass shootings.

David Hogg @davidhogg111 Follow I will not speak to anyone that has had disgusting remarks to victims of mass shootings in the past. I sent that tweet without realizing just how awful so many people have been to victims and witnesses of these events in the past. 3:02 PM- 27 Feb 2018

Allegations of Sexual Harassment, Racial Discrimination and Anti-Semitism

On February 28th, 2018, the Daily Mail[25] reported that a fired InfoWars employee filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Former employee Rob Jacobson claims that Jones engaged in anti-Semitic behavior towards him. Jacobson said that Jones and his staff made anti-Semitic jokes towards Jacobson, referring to him as "The Jewish Individual," "the Resident Jew" and "Yacobson."

A second former employee, Ashley Beckford, also filed a complaint. She says:

"I was subjected to different terms and conditions of employment, in comparison to my non-Black African-American peers, when it came to my salary/wages and benefits (travel), and in regards to my dress, including my hair style.

"I also was subjected to harassment and racial slurs by Respondent's management and some peer colleagues, as well as subjected to sexual harassment and a hostile, sexually offensive work environment."

Additionally, Beckford says that a senior manager referred to her as a "coon" and denied promotions to match the salary of other employees. She also claims that Jones has sexually harrassed women in the office by "leering at them" and making "sexual advances" toward them. Finally, the complaint states that Jones touched Beckford's "butt" after he attempted to give her a "side-hug."

Jones denied the allegations. He said,[27] "I'm not going to talk about former employees. I mean nobody accuses me of stuff like that… Wow. That's all I can say. That's total bullshit."

Transgender Pornography Browser Tab

On August 24th, 2018, an Infowars broadcast featured a close-up of Jones' mobile phone, which showed a browser tab with the words "Naughty tbabe Marissa" (shown below).

The following day, a 4chan thread was created discussing the discovery, which gathered upwards of 300 replies prior to being archived.[36] In the the thread, some speculated that the tab was for a pornographic video of Australian transgender porn star Marissa Minx. Also on August 25th, an infographic about the video clip was submitted to Reddit[37] but user Dingus_Inc (shown below).

ALEX JONES CAUGHT LOOKING AT T----- P--- (at 12:45) ALEX JONES LOOKS AT T----- P--- WATCH NutritionSkin Care Energy Opportunity ENERG PRISONPLANET .TV PRISONPLANET TV 215 peers t 65.54 kB/s2.41 MB 3.28 kB/s /107.99 MB 594 5 Showing off his site on his phone Firet published a 241 UTC Auat 24 20a Al 1245 Reveals all his tabs for a second Alex is advertising his new site on his show stream upon further investigation.. "Naughty tbabe marissa Mi..." Naughty tbabe Marissa Minx relieved of c--- hunger by stud 7min Toe Sucking Guys 6k Marissa Minx 2k blowiob Which reveals a suspicious tab ' HD+ TGIRLEROTICA.COM The Hottest Shemales On The Web Deviant s------ roughly disciplined with toys b... Toe Sucking Guys-903 views- 7 min

Sandy Hook Lawsuit

In March 2018, a defamation lawsuit against Jones was filed by several families of the Sandy Hook shooting victims.

On January 11th, 2019, ABC News[39] reported that the familieswere granted discovery requests by a Connecticut judge, granting access to Infowars "internal marketing and financial documents." That day, the article reached the front page of the /r/news[40] subreddit, gathering more than 32,700 points (88% upvoted) and 1,200 comments within two hours. That day, CNN reporter Oliver Darcy tweeted a statement from the Sandy Hook families attorney (shown below).

STATEMENT FROM SANDY HOOK FAMILIES' ATTORNEY ON RULING IN ALEX JONES CASE Judge Orders Alex Jones and Infowars to Grant Families Access to Business, Marketing and Financial Information BRIDGEPORT, CT-This morning, Connecticut State Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ruled that the Sandy Hook families' suing Alex Jones will be granted access to Infowars' internal business, financial and marketing documents. In reaction to the ruling, Chris Mattei, the Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder attorney representing the families, said: "From the beginning, we have alleged that Alex Jones and his financial network trafficked in lies and hate in order to profit from the grief of Sandy Hook families. That is what we intend to prove, and today's ruling advances our effort. We look forward to gaining access to Infowars'internal marketing and financial documents to show that Jones has built an empire as nothing more than a conspiracy profiteer, as alleged in our complaint." Among the documents and information that Jones was ordered to surrender are All communications and/or documents, including letters, memos, emails, text messages, instant messenger logs, or other electronic communications concerning (but not limited to) the following topics . o o o o o o Sandy Hook and/or or Newtown shooting and investigation Adam Lanza Mass shootings Sandy Hook Victims and Family (or any specific victim or family of victim) Crisis actors in statements concerning a tragic event Wolfgang Halbig All business and marketing plans, marketing data, web analytics, sales analytics and/or web traffic concerning Infowars, Alex Jones and any website, social-media or other Internet-based profile that the Defendants control . . All documents concerning contractual or business relationship(s) between Alex Jones, Infowars and the other Defendants and any of the fo llowing entities: Facebook, Inc., or any subsidiary or property thereof Twitter, Inc., or any subsidiary or property thereof Apple, Inc., or any subsidiary or property thereof Snap Inc., or any subsidiary or property thereof Alphabet Inc, or any subsidiary or property thereof Oath Inc, or any subsidiary or property thereof o o o o o An organizational chart depicting Infowars' structure as an organizat parts and positions/jobs tion and the relationships and relative ranks of the org anization's . The case, Lafferty v. Jones et. al., alleges a years-long campaign of abusive and outrageous false statements in which Jones and the other defendants have developed, amplified and perpetuated claims that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged and that the 26 families who lost loved ones that day are paid actors who faked their relatives' deaths. According to the complaint, Jones's actions subjected the families and survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting to physical confrontations and harassment, death threats and personal attacks on social media. The plaintiffs are the parents of five children killed at Sandy Hook-Jacqueline and Mark Barden, parents of Daniel; Nicole and Ian Hockley parents of Dylan; Francine and David Wheeler, parents of Ben; Jennifer Hensel and Jeremy Richman, parents of Avielle; and Robert Parker, father of Emilie-as well as Donna Soto, Carlee Soto-Parisi, Carlos M. Soto and Jillian Soto, the mother and three siblings (respectively) of first-grade teacher Victoria Leigh Soto and Erica Lafferty-Garbatini, the daughter of Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal Dawn Hochsprung, and Bill Sherlach, the husband of Mary Sherlach. William (Bill) Aldenberg, an FBI agent and first responder to the scene, is also a plaintiff. The families are represented by Josh Koskoff, Chris Mattei, Matt Blumenthal and Alinor Sterling of Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, one of the leading trial firms in Connecticut.

Second Joe Rogan Podcast Appearance

On February 27th, 2019, Jones appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience a second time (shown below).

That day, YouTuber Keemstar tweeted a clip of Jones yelling "they've made freakin' deal with interdimensional aliens" (shown below).

Meanwhile, Twitter user @crislopezg uploaded a clip of Jones accusing parts of the United States government of "running Mexico as a laboratory test" and saying that Native Americans "genetically they go into group think really fast" (shown below).


On March 29th, 2019, the lawfirm of Kaster, Lynch, Farrar & Ball posted the entirety of Jones' deposition in the Lewis v. Jones lawsuit, regarding Jones' alleged "malicious false statements about national tragedies, including the school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida."[41] The videos were more than three hours in length and received more than 200,000 collective views in less than one week (shown below). That day, HuffPost[42] published a transcript of the deposition.

In the depoistion, Jones claims that while he does not "remember" where his sources came from regarding the Sandy Hook broadcasts, he does point to 4chan and YouTube as potential sources.[43] The trascript reads:

Attorney Mark Bankston: We talked earlier about misidentifying the Parkland shooter last year. InfoWars’ source was 4chan, right?

Jones: I don’t remember that, but we corrected it within a day. …

MB: What I’m asking is: Do you or do you not know if 4chan was your source?

Jones: I believe it was one of the places that put it up. …

MB: Where do you get your chatter? 4chan is one. Do you have any others for us? …

Jones: I would say YouTube. The videos within the first two weeks with, like, 5 million, 10 million views, plus; and they were showing a lot of things that when you looked at it, looked pretty compelling.

Additionally, Jones blamed his belief in the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory on a form of "psychosis," saying that frequency with which the media and corporations spread falsities, according to Jones, is what caused his distrust.[44] He said:

And I, myself, have almost had like a form of psychosis back in the past where I basically thought everything was staged, even though I’ve now learned a lot of times things aren’t staged. So I think as a pundit, someone giving an opinion, that, you know, my opinions have been wrong, but they were never wrong consciously to hurt people.”

Following the release of the video, people online began commenting about the deposition, describing it as damning for the conspiracy theorist. HuffPost reporter Sebastian Murdock tweeted[45] about the deposition, saying that it "did not go well for [Jones]." The post received more than 1,100 retweets and 2,000 likes in three days (shown below, left). Guardian reporter John Swaine tweeted,[46] "Attorney asks Alex Jones if he's done 'mocking imitations of Sandy Hook parents crying'. Jones says no. Attorney *shows Jones two video clips* of Jones doing mocking imitations of Sandy Hook parents crying. Jones continues to deny he did that" (shown below, center).

Writing for the New York Times, Charlie Warzel wrote, "This new set of viral clips busts the myth of Alex Jones, presenting him in a situation he can neither engineer nor spin. He's a man who has lost control of the narrative" (shown below, right).[47][48]

JUST IN: Alex Jones was deposed earlier this month to defend his false claims about the Sandy Hook shooting he three hour video has just been released and uh, it did not go well for him. Happy Friday. We Got Alex Jones' Deposition Video. It Was A Predictable Disaster For all his dangerous talk about the Sandy Hook school shooting, Alex Jones couldn't even recall the date it happened. 2:58 PM-29 Mar 2019 Attorney asks Alex Jones if he's done "mocking imitations of Sandy Hook parents crying". Jones says no Attorney *shows Jones two video clips* of Jones doing mocking imitations of Sandy Hook parents crying. Jones continues to deny he did that. We Got Alex Jones' Deposition Video. It Was A Predictable Disaster For Him. For all his dangerous talk about the Sandy Hook school shooting, Alex Jones couldn't even recall the date it happened 3:09 PM - 29 Mar 2019 l've spent a lot of time reporting on/watching/and (occasionally interacting with) Alex Jones. His deposition video is as revealing and damning a portrait of him as l've ever seen. I wrote about how it exposes him: It's unsurprising that the opposing legal team chose to release the deposition footage online, where it received tens of thousands of views in just 24 hours. In the sea of viral clips of Alex Jones, he always appears larger than life - and, crucially, in tenuous control of whatever narrative he's spinning. That control is largely the source of his power over his audience, his employees and his critic:s But this new set of viral clips busts the myth of Alex Jones, presenting him in a situation he can neither engineer nor spin. He's a man who has lost control of the narrative. And it's this performance-more than any ruling from any judge-that poses the greatest threat to the Infowars empire. 1:41 PM-31 Mar 2019

Logan Paul Podcast

On April 10th, 2019, Logan Paul tweeted a short clip of Alex Jones appearing as a guest on the Impaulsive podcast (shown below).

Later that day, Paul released the Impaulsive episode with Jones, which gathered upwards of 200,000 views and 3,700 comments within 24 hours (shown below). During the podcast, Jones was asked about his views on Sandy Hook and Pepe the Frog, which he accused the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign of turning it into a hate symbol.

Child Pornography Allegation

On June 14th, 2019, Jones was joined by his lawyer Norm Pattis on InfoWars to discuss an alleged malware attack which embedded child pornography on Jones' server (shown below). During the show, Jones offered a $1 million reward to anyone who could provide information leading to the arrest of the person resposible. Additionally, Pattis claimed the images were never opened from the server by anyone (shown below).

On June 17th, the news site CTPost[49] reported that the law firm representing the families of Sandy Hook victims alleged that Jones had sent the pornographic files to them. Meanwhile, posts about the controversy reached the front page of the /r/news[50][51] and /r/The_Donald[52] subreddits.

DWI Arrest

On March 10th, 2020, the Travis County Sheriff's office arrested Jones and charged him with a DWI.[53] The arrest came after a call from Jones' wife who reported a domestic disturbance between the two. Jones claimed that he had a bottle of sake with dinner and walked three miles home, after an argument with his wife. When the argument continued at home, he drove to another one of his residences when he was picked up by authorities. He was releaed on $3,000 bail.


Jones has gained a reputation for promoting a variety of conspiracy theories, many of which have been criticized for being based on flimsy or anecdotal evidence. He has accused the United States government of being involved in the Oklahoma City bombing, the September 11th attacks and for staging NASA’s Apollo program moon landings. Additionally, Jones made several hotly-debated statements against gun control in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (shown below).

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[53] TIME (via Wayback Machine) – Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated in Texas

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