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Say the Line, Bart!

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Say the Line, Bart! refers to a three-panel series of exploitable stills from The Simpsons in which the classmates of character Bart Simpson look at him expectedly, asking him to say the catchphrase that made him famous in the episode. After he says it dejectedly, the classmates celebrate. In the exploitables, the line Bart says is changed.


The scene comes from The Simpsons episode "Bart Gets Famous," which first aired February 3rd, 1994.[1] In the scene, Milhouse asks Bart to "say the line," to which Bart dejectedly says, "I didn't do it." His classmates then erupt in applause.


Online, the scene is commonly parodied by changing Bart's line of dialogue to a catchphrase from a particular subculture. An early example posted to generator site memegen[2] shows Bart saying Fuck Her Right In the Pussy (shown below).


The February 2016 advent of Frinkiac helped spread the meme, as more internet users had access to the screenshots and a generator with which to make various different texts.[3] Some early examples include a post where Bart is characterized as the Playstation (shown below, left) and a June 29th, 2016 post to Simpsons Shitposting referencing Steamed Hams that gained over 3,000 likes and reactions and was featured by Buzzfeed.[4]

Say the line sony playstation one! SONY NTERIANMENT loud bassy synth, aesthetic crystals and smooth flute outro SAY THE LINE WOOLWORTHS Our apologies, we don't stock 'Steamed Hams' but you can find hamburgers in the beef section.

Other popular edits include a February 5th, 2016 post to /r/pcmasterrace where the class says "Say the Line, Winrar" gaining over 9,500 points (shown below, left). A May 10th, 2018 post to /r/dankmemes about original content gained over 4,500 points (shown below, right).

Say the line Winrar 3 Please purchase WinRAR license Please note that WnRAR is not free software. After a 40 day trial period you must either buy a license or remove it from your computer Buy online How to buy Close Help Sav the line! RST A AGtualy, guys, l have some original content that I workeO rea

Various Examples

When the OP of a post says some real dumb s--- and gets roasted SAYTHE LINE OP! Deactivated SAY THE LINE KENSHIRO OMAE WA MOUSHINDEIRO SAY THELINE CUCK MAM THE LEFT CANTMEME SAY YOUR PHRASE, BILLS DESTROY 6 Saviithe line Pokémon GO! Our servers are experiencing issues. Please come back later Say the line Splatoon! The connectionisunstable

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