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Because if she's sleeping with someone else, then she thinks you're the lesser man. If she didn't, she'd be sleeping with you. If that's how it goes, marriage means little more than getting fucked over if she ever divorces you. Ever heard of friends with benefits? Think marriage without benefits.

But that's not why cucks are made fun of. If that's all there were to it, you'd only ever hear about the woman slutting around. What makes cucks special is how they tell themselves "I'm doing the right thing by letting her do whatever she wants without my involvement" even though she's treating him like he's nothing more than a friend with a ring. It's the delusion that he's getting something out of it and that he's a better person for letting her make her own decisions, all the while he's never considered that if all she wants to be is a friend, why even go along with any of it? Their commitment is nothing more than a charade. He's a man, he can make his own choices, can't he? But he doesn't make his own decisions, because to him, that would be disrespecting her decisions which he totally respects.

Cucks aren't made fun of because they "respect" women. Cucks are made fun of because they have no self respect. But you keep telling yourself that you're a "better man" just because she's still married to you.


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