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\/\/\/ Credit to Soup King for this awesome .gif \/\/\/

I am the downvote jet, I am sending your post to its grave at twice the speed of sound!

I am Kommando_Kaijin, The Grand Dalai-Imam-Archpope-General-Cheif-Minister Of The Church Of Shirley.

I also assess the memetic and combat capabilities of waifus using a tier list I have yet to properly create.

Commies and Pinkos can suck all four of my F-8E Crusader's Colt Mk-12 20mm autocannons and crawl back to their little red fantasy world and cry to their Karl Marx waifu about how pathetic they are.

Nuclear or Combust. (Hydroelectric Dams are fine, too.)

You're taking the car, now put away that children's toy of a bicycle you erroneously consider a valid method of transportation.

I will call Bob Dymball a faggot on international television.

Why did I make this?


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