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"I challenge my fate!"

Welcome to my profile!! I'm Nate, also known as…The Beginning. I'm a random commenter and aspiring cosplayer that felt like showing up on this website one fateful day. I don't consider myself very clever with my comments, but I'll try anyways.

As a KYM veteran(?), I have a couple of friends, and though I may have some downvoted comments and slip-ups, I promise that I'll try to improve my commentary whenever I can. I tend to delete any of my comments that get downvoted, so I may remedy whatever problem other KYM Users have with my comments. If anything I say comes out as disrespectful, I'm perfectly willing to accept the fact that I screwed up, and I will apologize for what I did.

Want to know more about me, my opinions, what I do, and other shit? Just check the spoiler tabs.

I tend to be pretty shy around people, but if they're my friends, then I get very outgoing. I mess up things occasionally, but I'm usually pretty smart. I also tend to be snarky. Especially here, on KYM.

I'm a pretty big fan of video games, mostly Nintendo stuff like Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Smash Bros. I despise Social Justice Warriors, news media stupidity, and Baby Yoda. Especially the latter.

I play as a lot of characters in Smash Ultimate; I'm more of a casual fan to be honest. I prefer to play as Joker and Kirby, however.

I may be a white, straight, cis-male, but, regardless of what SJWs say, I support equality, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, ect.


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