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toki! mi jan mije Olons.

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(I regret translating this one)


jan Olons

This is a guide that ought to be useful in forum games, or some other kind of social medium. If you're unfamiliar with ASCII, I recommend using this as a reference. Keyboards tend to have spatial limitations dependent on the device you are using, so it's nice to have something to copy & paste from.

Some Tips

• Avoid using whitespace: Software programmed to reduce whitespace will have a major effect on tabs or spaces. An efficient alternative would be to use minuses -, apostrophes ', graves ` etc… A good symbol to use would be a middle dot ·. Furthermore, embedding the map as code would make the character lengths uniform.

• Include a legend: Because text-based graphics are abstract, a list of what the characters mean would be very useful. Consistency between rounds is also important; if possible, avoid changing the symbol meanings from game to game. Adding new kinds of symbols would occur in the natural progression of a game, but running out of characters shouldn't be a problem in most cases.

Here is an example. Player is represented by ♥:

you can also type it in another program and take a screenshot

Kym has an article for Subculture: Deltarune
Note: Deltarune itself is incomplete, so this section may contain some theories and interpretation along with what’s known to be canon.

FILE 1 – Deblod

The object of the game is to seal the fountains.

Vertical Dimensions

The Main Planet

Events usually take place on an Earth-type planet, complete with solid and aquatic ground, the latter holding most of the water. The planet always has a biosphere, and might have atmospheric weather and plate tectonics.


For dead entities, there are the undead and hell states of being.
For good dead entities, there are the heavens, ground-borne and airborne.

And Beyond

For the most part, that was all we needed. But one can go further, and would need to if they hope to survive stuff like this.

The remaining zones I would separate into the Fine-Material Realm, and the Immaterial Realm.

The Fine-Material Realm has the most layers, yet looks whole to the untrained eye. The layers are in 4 categories. The top layer of each category/stage makes it look like the stage is the highest possible level.

The 1st category hosts beings that are known to interact with the world on their own volition. Whenever an apocalypse happens, this stage, as well as the entire Sensual Realm, is destroyed.
The 2nd category of beings are too joyful to intentionally do so; they emit flashing light. 1 out of 8 apocalypses destroys this stage.
The 3rd category of beings are calmer and emit steadier light. 1 out of 64 apocalypses destroys this stage.
The 4th category of beings have neither pain nor pleasure. Even in the remote chance the lower 3 categories are destroyed, the highest category is never destroyed.

The Immaterial Realm has 4 layers. The lower 2 spheres represent certain infinite attributes, and the higher 2 spheres represent the negation of certain attributes.

The Sphere of Infinite Space includes beings capable of perceiving space as infinite.
The Sphere of Infinite Consciousness includes beings capable of perceiving consciousness as infinite. An example which closely matches this is the Warp from Warhammer 40,000.
The Sphere of Nothingness includes beings perceiving no-thing.
The Sphere of Neither Perception nor Non-perception includes beings that do not do "perceiving" but aren't entirely unconscious.

Horizontal Cosmos

The Earth-type planet resides in its solar system. The solar system, along with many others, move within a galaxy. A galaxy (world-system) might have many life-sustaining solar systems, but they all share the same heavens, and the planes of the other two realms.
Several world-systems gravitationally bound to the largest world-systems is the local group.
Several local groups form a supercluster.
Each supercluster is held together by its largest supermassive black hole.

Past this point, light either cannot reach, or only shows the distant past. Travel is done via a convoluted matrix of wormholes, which form an Interconnected Network.

Temporal Cosmology

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state then roughly several billion years ago expansion started waning.

"Sans was like my universe's version of harambe"
- angel of the circle, if he knew about harambe

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