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Quirked Up White Boy, Goated

Location: Vermont

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Warning: @everyone
Please DO NOT announce to the server when you are going to go [REDACTED]. This has been a reoccurring issue, and I'm not sure why some people have such under developed social skills that they think that a server full of mostly male strangers would need to know that. No one is going to be impressed and give you a high five (especially considering where that hand has been). I don't want to add this to the rules, since it would be embarrassing for new users to see that we have a problem with this, but it is going to be enforced as a rule from now on

If it occurs, you will be warned, then additional occurrences will be dealt with at the discretion of modstaff. Thanks.


Twitter: @wenswords

Instagram: @huge.poop, @heyowenhere

TikTok: @owens_tiktok

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