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"You wanna play 21? I got 22. You wanna play blackjack? I've got two of those too. You wanna play Aces and Eights? Well, I've got too many of those too."
- Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Welcome to the profile of that one guy who you'll probably see a lot of whenever JoJo gets mentioned. Take a look around, and if you've got any questions, whether it be about me or anything media-related on the site, feel free to ask.


Gaming's my primary hobby, and arguably something I'm way too deep into. Favorite games include Super Smash Bros, the Kirby series, GTA, TF2, and almost anything from Platinum Games.
On occasion, I devote time to doodling and making crappy art. I might post some if I feel like it.

I tend to watch older, dubbed anime (mainly because I like and follow certain anime voice actors). I only really watch newer anime once they get dubbed (JoJo is an exception); that being said, I have no problem watching subs. Some of my favorite anime include Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Gurren Lagann. JoJo is also the only manga series I've actually devoted time to reading (honestly not much of a manga guy).
Really into the Avatar series. Aside from Avatar, Boondocks, Rick & Morty, Batman: The Animated Series, South Park, and Futurama are a few of the Western TV shows that I find enjoyable. RWBY might also count too. Really not much else to look forward to on TV these days except…
Since 2016 I've become a total mark for wrestling (WWE, New Japan, etc.) and it's been real fun (for the most part). AJ Styles is muh favorite current wrestler.
I can probably listen to any genre of music (except maybe country), but classic rock, alternate hip-hop and video game OSTs are what I mainly listen to. For rock, I find myself enjoying prog rock bands like Pink Floyd and Yes. For hip-hop, Kendrick Lamar, Nujabes, and MF DOOM.
Not the biggest movie buff, but I do know a decent amount about movies; Stanley Kubrick is my favorite director. YouTubers I follow include Jontron, Vinesauce Joel, PBG, H3H3, and several others.
I'm in the IRC as Cosmic_Rancher and as Cosmic_Cowboy. On Discord I go by Space Cowboy. You can say hi if I'm online. I'm also a little more of a shitposter there, so make of that what you will…

JoJo Gallery Guidelines (work in progress)

I'd like to try and set an "unofficial" set of guidelines for the JoJo image gallery, specifically for spoilers. There's some difficulty in spoiler tagging images, especially since not everyone here reads the manga and only watches the anime. Don't worry, I won't hold anything against you if you don't follow these, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you do (plus I'd give you brownie points). Suggestions are welcome.

My Guidelines (note: the first 3 guidelines should apply to other galleries; this forum thread will help):

Tag new images with Relevant tags. Don't add the entry name as a tag (using "jojo" as a tag is ok, but not preferable). If the image is fan art, either tag the artist's name with the format artist:[insert artist name] or credit the artist in the notes (along with a source). If the artist is unknown, then simply tag with unknown artist.
Always source your images! Even if you can't find the direct source, source where you found the image.
Avoid reposting! This can be difficult if images aren't properly tagged, but if you're gonna post an image, make sure it hasn't already been posted.
As indicated at the top of the entry, some of the content may be considered spoilers: this is important, considering how old the series is. There's a lot of images in the gallery of characters and plot points anime-only users wouldn't know about: thus, it would be preferable for anime-only viewers to avoid the image gallery. Images that do deserve a spoiler tag would be recent JoJolion, character status (ie. a major character death), and recent episode images from the anime (image should be de-spoilered within 48 hours).
Regarding episode images, not every screencap from a new episode is a spoiler, and it's the same for every allusion to it. If it ain't somewhat obvious what it's spoiling, then it shouldn't be spoiled.
- Scrapbookers have the ability to edit any image on the site; do your part and edit improperly tagged/sourced images (not just here, but in other galleries as well).

- These are unofficial guidelines and completely subject to change. Let me know what you think, and we can work something out.

There's probably more I could say about myself, but I tend to forget things, so we'll just end things here.

Official Non-official Theme Song:

*Spread the wings*

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