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Meme Gatherer Sr. Entry Moderator

The Cute Master :3

Sr. Entry Moderator

Location: ¡ƎƆ∀∀∀∀∀∀∀∀∀∀∀∀∀∀∀ԀS

Joined May 09, 2011 at 05:10AM EDT


Karma Received
+4,545 +4,914 (93%) -369 (7%)
Karma Given
+10,091 +10,288 (98%) -197 (2%)


Rarity is best pony and Daring Do x Sunset Shimmer is OTP. :3

Old IRC-fic with MDFification

IRC Handles: @CuteMaster / @qt_master / Anonpon3 / DefNotABroneMod

('S' to scoot, 'M' to mute!)

Have a Magikarp instead!

Also, here's a Taylor Swift for ya…

Avatar Image from Rin Nakai
Preivous Avatars by QWERTY, uotapo, AnAnimationNation, and なぞなぞ


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