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>Still uses facebook xd
>Occasional 4chan lurker
>Birthday July 3rd
>Med student Actual neet now, sadge Engineering student
>Weeb? Debatable Unoficially
>Career goals: become an economically active and seemingly closet-weeb physician Live
>Meme research is my passion coping mechanism procrastination mechanism

As Latin American, I sometimes focus on memes from my region, and write entries about memes from the Hispanic side of the internet, or help with them. If you need any assistance with any meme (or anything) in Spanish, I'll be glad to help in whatever I can c:

Became Scrapbooker on February 20th, 2020
Became Entry Mod on November 13th, 2020

- Write entry about "WorldCorp Enterprises (external link)
- Write entry about SDLG (external link)
- Research Miguel
- Fix origin of Those Bastards Lied To Me ✔
- Fix conspiracy part of 2018 YouTube Outage

When I first joined KYM, I chose my profile pic randomly and ended up using the one below. Back then, for some reason, I became intrigued as to where I got it from, since I saved it years ago and, at that time, I wasn't much into anime stuff. In fact, I didn't start watching anime until Dec 2017 when I got curious for the Blend-S meme. To top if off, I didn't even knew about Touhou up until 2018, and it wasn't 'til Dec 2019 that I realized it was Momiji (the awoo MAGA girl).
So, anyways, idk, I guess it's kind of funny to think that finding a random anime girl pic cute was the first step into cementing my weeb tendecies.




Padoru season

NOTE: Those views from Peru are probably just me passing by my profile. Cookies for the flag counter don't seem to be working properly
- Pre-December 2019 (?): Added more info on the About section. Added info about profile picture.
- January 2020: Added view/flag counter.
- Mid 2020 (?): Converted the info on About section into green text.
- November 2020: Added info about user titles. Added Reddit and Twitter social media.
- December 2020: Added actual paragraphs on About section. Added a proper Updates list. Added list of profile pictures. Added gif of best touhou.

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