Longtime Shock TV Host Jerry Springer Dead At 79, Internet Remembers Some Of His Wildest Moments

April 27th, 2023 - 12:29 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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Jerry springer during one of his shows in the studio.

Legendary TV host Jerry Springer, best known for his lowbrow talk show The Jerry Springer Show, has passed away today peacefully in his Chicago home at the age of 79.

About his death, family spokesperson Jene Galvin told the press earlier today, "Jerry's ability to connect with people was at the heart of his success in everything he tried whether that was politics, broadcasting or just joking with people on the street who wanted a photo or a word. He's irreplaceable and his loss hurts immensely, but memories of his intellect, heart and humor will live on."

Springer undoubtedly lived a fascinating life, starting his rise to national prominence in Ohio politics in the 1970s. He was elected the 56th mayor of Cincinnati in 1976 and sought the Governor's seat in 1982, albeit unsuccessfully.

In 1991, Jerry Springer, the talk show that would make him a household name, began as a political roundtable-type show, but as ratings tanked, he pivoted towards tabloid sensationalism and his shows often devolved into arguments and fistfights between guests — many becoming viral videos years later online.

Jerry Springer also proved incredibly influential in meme culture, as it defined a surreal era in '90s television that was more comparable to the WWE Attitude Era than say, Larry King.

The screenshots and segment ideas that defined Springer helped pioneer shows like Maury, a similarly "shocking" talk show that also has a notable place in internet history.

News of Springer's death this morning led to an outpouring of tributes from social media, as many users dubbed him the "patron saint of sick days" on account of his show always seeming to be on in the middle of weekday afternoons.

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