New Details Show Club Q Shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich Was Former Encyclopedia Dramatica Lolcow Nick Brink

November 23rd, 2022 - 4:40 PM EST by Brandon Wink

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Nick Brink and a tweet.

After initial reports that Anderson Lee Aldrich did not have any social media or online presence, people began to dig more into the past of the Club Q shooter in recent days, leading to an interesting wrinkle appearing.

In court filing paperwork, two important things were discovered, with the first one being that Anderson Aldrich is requesting to be referred to by they/them pronouns, which caused an immediate visceral reaction online when people heard about that detail.

Perhaps the most prominent reaction to that information came from CNN, when the anchors found out live on air that they had to change their pronoun usage, and didn't. This caused a lot of confusion online, as people began to argue about how serious the non-binary aspect is, and if it's merely an attempt at skewing narratives.

The second thing that was unveiled after the court filings was that Anderson Lee Aldrich isn't the original name of the shooter, who used to go by Nicholas "Nick" Brink before they changed their name in 2016.

According to initial findings by the Washington Post, in their earlier years dating back to late 2015, Nicholas Brink was a lolcow (in a similar sentiment to Chris-Chan) on Encyclopedia Dramatica with a particular emphasis placed on who their family is.

While before the familial focus was placed on the grandfather, who is a California assemblyman, Nick Brink's familial focus has now largely shifted online to their father, Aaron Brink, who was a former MMA star whose post-wrestling career involved being on the television shows Intervention and Divorce Court in relation to his career in adult entertainment when he was known as "Dick Delaware."

CBS news also tracked down their father and interviewed him yesterday, during which Aaron Brink said he thought his son died by suicide until six months ago after his ex-wife called him in 2016 to tell him their son changed his name and killed himself.

"I thought he was dead. I mourned his loss. I had gone through a meltdown and thought I had lost my son," Brink said. "His mother told me he changed his name because I was in Intervention and I had been a porno actor."

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