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Revolver Cunag√ľaro
Revolver Cunag√ľaro

Here in south america we have a meme called Yugi "Trampas Locas" Moto that translates as _Yugui "Crazy Cheats" Moto, because he makes some unrealistic plays with the cards that seem hard to understand and that you cant replicate in a IRL desk game without get disqualified. Like for example this one:

If you recall this episode, the Weevil (bugs kid) filled with a poison cloud the field but yugi made it rain to take down the poison, and invoked the skull which had less atk than the moth but because the rain he made 4 times more damage, in the last pannel the Weevil says to yugi: "Yugi you fucking cheater!, this ain't pokemon bitch, my moth has more atack, you allways came up with your shit, that's why no one wants to play with you".


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