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>Jet contrails
It's a mixed bag. Some have argued that contrails are a net "good" as they help reflect sunlight back into space. If they did not exist, the the Earth's increase in temperature could potentially be greater than what it has been.

Uh… yeah, this is literally the reason for the switch from plastic straws to paper straws lol, so that there would be less garbage that was used for 5 minutes and then sitting in the environment for hundreds of years.

>Oil Spills
They are already illegal and nobody thinks of them as being good. Oil companies lose money from them, both in terms of literal product and for cleanup costs. Sure, I see the argument that they might still be incentivized to build systems that could still fail as it might be cheaper to "restore" environmental damage to a "passable level" which isn't always the condition it was initially. I agree that it is a problem as people in the industry often get a larger say on what is fine and what isn't compared to actual natural resource scientists. Still, that would hardly be "ignoring the problem".

lol wut.

Jill Moderator

in reply to Jill

Anyways, bigger point:
As I said in comments section of the entry:

"if we can't get people to change on things that show an obvious immediate detrimental impact with a relatively easy solution available, there's no way we're going to solve the bigger problems that are less obvious and don't have an easy fix."

And trust me even a minor change like moving from plastic straws to wax coated paper straws isn't without rhetoric of If environmental zealots and sycophants get their way, you won’t be allowed to sip it through a plastic straw.


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