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603 Views Created 5 years ago By Matt • Updated about a year ago

Created By Matt • Updated about a year ago

Derek/Koroshi Arts @KoroshiArts Jan 10 Seriously, what happened to VeggieTales? The original series hasn't been heard for almost three years since the crew were busy working on In the House/City. @VeggieTales @philvischer Phil Vischer @philvischer Jan 10 Veggies In the House was a different crew. DVD crew was shut down 3 years ago - In the House crew when they wrapped last year. No crews left! , Lee Deschenes @leedeschenes Jan 24 What about the Big Idea HQ in Nashville? Is it shut down too? If so, does it literally mean (and yes, pun intended) THE END OF SILLINESS?1?! 91th VeggiePSGBoy @VeggiePSGBoy Jun 30 Did the Big Idea headquarters in Nashville get closed down? Phil Vischer @philvischer Replying to @VeggiePSGBoy @leedeschenes Yep. It is no more.
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