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0 Views Created 10 days ago By Jaimie Hamilton • Updated 10 days ago

Created By Jaimie Hamilton • Updated 10 days ago

@Scourge112 • 3mo ago One of the best urban warfare CQB engagements I've seen in a movie. 369 @jamesharding3459 1mo ago (edited) It's not terribly realistic from a tactical and procedural standpoint, but it captures the feeling of intensity and claustrophobia of CQB really well. 巧 20 @thecobra45 • 1mo ago @jamesharding3459 "no plan survives the first punch" -Mike Tyson B7 @thecobra45 • 1mo ago @jamesharding3459 have you been in a firefight? 31 ☑ @jamesharding3459 • 1mo ago @thecobra45 I have. I spent 13 months in that lovely s------- Iraq as an 11-B (infantryman) in 2013-14, and spent just shy of a year in Afghanistan as an infantry platoon leader in 2019-2020. Some might say that I've "Been there, done that."
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