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I'm really disappointed in this video, KYM. The point of Sburb isn't to save the universe, it's to make a new one! Buckets aren't considered sexual based upon a misunderstanding of human culture, they were sexual objects in troll culture to begin with. You highlighted several dead memes, in fact, the Homestuck the Anime joke died after only a few days. You even used a panel from Problem Sleuth and several pictures of fantrolls, as well as including some crossover fanart, which, not necessarily being bad things, can give people the wrong idea. While this is a meme-oriented site, you truly could have given a better summary of the comic. For those of you who still don't understand it but wish to, here's a much, much better summary by the creator himself! http://mspaintadventures.com/scraps2/homestuckKS.html
As someone who enjoys My Little Pony, I'm also disappointed in the bronies who don't merely express an opinion, but outright bash the comic. There's a reason I left the fandom, you know.


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