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On 15th February 2011 the term “BADMAN” went viral on facebook if you ran a search on anything with the word ‘bad’ in it. It’s origin comes from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, a multi-cultural society, where English and “Creole English” is spoken as well as many other languages from across the globe. [see: ]

Google Statistics:

The term “Badman” itself is a local slang born from another slang called “Gunta” which evolved from the word gangster; up to date it is the most popular and frequently used word in Trinidad and Tobago as well as Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados and a few other islands within the Caribbean hemisphere. (also England for some strange reason.. but whatever).

BADMAN” is used to describe anyone that is Big, Black, Buff, Beastly, Bold, and Bruk out (in other words: the blackest, most ghetto, NIGGUH you could ever possibly dream to catch a glimpse of or meet if you don’t get IMPALED by his deadly glare which can turn day into night and his ability to summon the hood wherever he wanders.) BADMAN abide by simply breaking the rules of everything and are capable of anything.


[Example: “BADMAN don’t cry”]

Heck even cows can be BADMAN as long as they have the pre-requisites and know how unleash chaos on the unsuspecting public by taking over the roads:

BADMAN” is not to be confused with some measly wangster or regular wanna-be-G. HE WHO IS BADMAN IS THE MOST SUPERIOR ENTITY within the hood; he is the dark matter that makes up the universe. He can do anything because his level of black is god tier. It’s easy to know what “BADMAN” looks like but complex to detect him within your vicinity as he is the shadow around every corner and the shadow beneath every surface. Everyone fears “BADMAN”, so ya’ll better hide yo wives, hide yo kids and your husbands as well because badman rapin everybody out here. Others wish they could be like “BADMAN” because of his tremendous power but not just anyone can be “BADMAN”.


Carlton: I wish I was a “BADMAN” so I can be the god of every hood.

Chris: Shut yuh damn mouth! It has a buncha dem “BADMAN” round here, wanna get us killed or something??]

BADMAN” is very much the last nigga you wanna mess with.

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