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Dress-Man originated on the 4chan boards /soc/ and /b/ sometime in July 2012 (estimated). Initially, the image was occasionally posted with messages such as ‘Rate me’. Throughout August, it started showing up more and more, until it was almost daily on /soc/.

On September 7th, 2012, a Dress-Man image appeared on /b/ with the message ‘What would you do to me /b/?’. OP quickly replied ‘I am a girl btw.’. The exact thread, only replacing /b/ with the board name, was then posted across 21 other boards.

Someone other than the OP of the other threads posted the image on /int/. In that thread, several users argued over who is the real Dress-Man.

After posting the thread on 22 boards, the original poster was given a 3-day ban. Not long after, a new thread appeared, this time on /q/. The original poster again claimed to be Dress-Man, admitted to ban evasion, and asked moot for a /dm/ board dedicated to himself.

The original poster continued to post the thread across multiple other boards, and was then banned. OP was given a 1-day ban from /q/, as well as a permanent ban from all boards which was attributed to ‘child pornography’, despite the fact that no child pornography is known to have been posted. Posting the Dress-Man photo will now result in an automatic global permanent ban from 4chan if anyone attempts to upload it.

During the time that all of this was going on, a cat pop-up appeared on /b/. Some people think that this is related to the Dress-Man incident.

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