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Where it came from:

The meme started as a debate on the Tripwire Interactive(TW) forums(A blossoming gaming company whos first successful title is Red Orchestra). The thread was started by forum user: 7thGuardsTankDiv(The Prophet of the IS2 religion and martyr(Banned from forums)). His post explained why the IS2 tank was the greatest tank of WW2. This long thread slowly turned from a debate to a sort of joke thread. Now, the thread has become a form of cult on the TW forums with a good following. The game developers have even begun to participate in the IS2 cult following and have gone as far as adding a IS2 emoticon on the forum.

What Variations:

“IS2 is Greatest tank of ww2” has a couple slight off shoots/community jokes. One is a picture of a blue IS2. This has turned into “IS2 is greatest Battleship of WW2”. Also, the IS2 thread has been called “The greatest thread of WW2” and there is also a steam group that is “The GREATEST steam group of WW2” simply because the IS2 is involved. All of these were started in the IS2 thread via TW forums.

Why is it notable:

This thread has been going on now since 2006 and now at the time of this post has 50 pages(one of the largest on the forum.) The IS2 now has a cult following and is attempting to spread. As previously stated, some of the Tripwire developers have participated in the meme and even brought it up in interviews as gaming conventions. In Tripwire’s “Zombie” shooter “Killing Floor”, one of the new DLC characters has a pin on his chest that shows a picture of an IS2 tank as an easteregg thrown in by the developers. A forum user made a simple “IS2 video game” in which the player can pilot an IS2 and destroy limitless German tanks. It can be Downloaded here:

Where is it going:

The IS2 has a cult following, the steam group alone has gotten over 100 people in 1 day and are attempting to spread this “Religion”. The belief is that the IS2 is the Greatest tank of WW2, all other “Tanks” are merely tractors only fit for plowing fields and harvesting crops. The King tiger is the “Greatest tractor” and is the “rival” of the IS2 simply because historians are biased in their facts/opinions. History channel is especially noted for being biased, favoring the German King Tiger. As such, the cult is trying to enlighten the internet and the world with the truth, that the IS2 is the greatest tank of WW2 and our machine god. All followers of the King tiger or any other “tank” are heretics and must be converted or smited. The cult will cleanse the internet of false beliefs, subdue unworthy tractors(all other tanks) into a life of farming and will destroy trollz when confronted even if it brings it to 4chan, the origin of trolldom.

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