Riki-Oh (力王)

Riki-Oh (力王)

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Riki-Oh is a meme deriving from the 1991 Hong Kong action film Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky , which is based on the Japanese comic book series of the same name. It is set in the year 2001 (which is in the future keeping in mind the year the film was made) where Ricky is a new inmate in a privately owned prison. Ricky battles not only against the warden and his deputy, but also against the Gang of Four, who control the prisoners under the wardens watch. The movie is famous for its over-the-top and unrealistic violence. However, it is still considered a cult classic amongst martial arts films.


Famous Scenes

In one of the films most famous scenes, a gang leader named Oscar gets into a fight with Ricky, but ends up stabbing himself in the gut and committing Hari-Kari. However, before he can bleed to death, Oscar pulls out his own intestines and uses them to try and strangle Ricky.

In another famous scene, a gang boss named Tarzan causes another prisoners head to explode after crushing it with his bare hands. The scene is the best example of the film’s over-the-top (but still entertaining) violence. It was also frequently used on The Daily Show during the late 90’s when it was still hosted by Craig Kilborn.

The sequence became popular on 4chan in GIF form, and is featured in several YTP’s.




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