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KYM Review: The Top Viral Videos Of 2023

Three examples of viral videos that were prominent in 2023.

This year's collection of viral videos ranges from the creative to the hilarious to the downright weird. Take a look at the most impactful video clips that defined the internet in 2023.


KYM Review: The Top Slang Terms Of 2023

Top slang of 2023 depicting a Shinji in a Chair meme with the terms surrounding him.

This year's official KYM slang recap is younger, crasser and perhaps more nonsensical than ever before. Here's your annual crash course on the latest in ever-accelerating internet lingo.


KYM Review: The Wackiest Stories Of 2023

Wackiest Stories Of 2023 depicting the Mexican alien bodies, Tiffany Gomas and the Island Boys.

This year was full of stories and news that can only be described as "wacky," from the endless barrage of UFO news to Tiffany Gomas' epic accusation about a man on a plane being "not real." Here are some of our favorites from 2023.


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