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Blockland is a sandbox game for the pc, typically paired against other games such as ROBLOX or Minecraft. The game mainly uses LEGO inspired bricks and playermodels, and has massive amounts of customization.

Prototype v00002 (2004)

The prototype of Blockland was completely different from the beta and retail release of the game, with features such as building anywhere on the map or addon support. Eventually the prototype gained an addon called Return to Blockland (RTB) that added features such as IRC chatrooms, although the addon is completely abandoned today.

Beta and Beta Retail Release(2005-2007)

Blockland eventually went out of it’s prototype phase in 2005 and went into the Beta phase of the game’s production. The beta testing of Blockland went on for two more years before moving to the retail release.


Retail Beta


The retail release of Blockland offered the full experience of the game and included many new features such as full addon support, either from the forums or the returned Return to Blockland client for the retail release. The retail release also brought in the removal of outdated models and features, such as the legs and arms on the Blockhead models now being removed, leaving the arms and legs to be floating.


Today, Blockland is still being kept alive and fresh by new updates and add-ons for the game. Other things such as community fads interest new players to the game, keeping the community alive and well.

Community Fads

Several community fads have sprung up, most are myths but some are legitimate and can actually be proven.

The Renderman

The Renderman was a community fad that sprung up during 2012 Halloween, supposedly caused by a glitch in the bot programming. Along with the Renderman came Preppers, which existed prior to Halloween on dark maps.
The preppers spawn in dark corners of a map, and bare the game’s default ASCII face with red eyes and a red mouth.

A large group of preppers
The Renderman itself is assumed to be a parody of Minecraft’s Enderman, which in turn is a parody of the Slender Man.

The Renderman

The Renderman’s Rebirth

Shortly after the Halloween update for the game the Renderman was removed, but that didn’t stop the community from recreating him. An addon titled “Renderman Hunt” was later created and made available for download via the RTB service. The host has several options for the Renderman, he performs similar to the Slender Man and can choose what happens when a player looks at him for too long, either setting it to kick said player, or kill them. When the Renderman kicks a player, they are removed from the server and are greeted with an ASCII message that can be decoded as H E L L O or I S E E Y O U The addon also adds several new tools such as a one time use item that forces the Renderman to teleport away, or a Renderman detection tool to tell if he’s nearby.

h2. Blockhead=Noob

Whenever a new player buys the game and enters their code they received, they will be assigned as a Blockhead and the number of what player they are in terms of how many people bought the game (I.E. Blockhead 56825)
With the release of Blockland on Steam, a large influx of new players occured. Even before Blockland was released and greenlit on Steam, the majority of server hosts, admins, and super admins kicked Blockheads out of frustration or pure hatred for new players. This lead to humorous posts on the forums made by new complaining players.

The default avatar for new players when they first get the game

Military and Family RPs are awful

These types of RPs are typically picked on for their poor management, strict rules, and awful and abusive admins. These conditions lead to users complaining on the forums about these types of servers and their admins, leading to most of these types of servers being left empty.

An example of an awful family RP admin


In September of 2012, Blockland’s creator Badspot uploaded Blockland to VALVe’s Steam Greenlight program. It took a full year for the game to be released to Steam on December 17th, 2013. The community was concerned with opening the game up to a large group of players, most likely due to the fact that children would be drawn to the game and would end up ruining servers.

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