SGM Mike Vining

SGM Mike Vining

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Mike Vining is a retired US Army Sergeant Major who joined the military in 1968. Until 1978, he served in several Explosive Ordonance Disposal units. He was deployed to vietnam for one year in 1970. In 1978, he volunteered to join the newly formed 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta (Airborne).

During his service in the Special Forces, Vining participated in several big operations. During the Operation Eagle Claw, he survived a plane crash.

In 1983, he was deployed during Operation Urgent Fury. During Operation Desert Storm, he was stationed in Ar’ar, Saudi Arabia, and in 1994 he was the Senior Enlisted Advisor for Joint Task Force 188 on the USS AMERICA during Operation Uphold Democracy.


As you would expect it from the greatest of all operators, nobody has a clue where he came from. However, Vining is uniquely posted on /k/ and its derivates like OPERATORchan.

operator – Slang term for someone who is a member of a Spec Ops team.

(Urban Dictionary)

Being an operator has always been the highest of all goods to the /k/ommandos. Mike Vining’s Portrait, taken from his TogetherWeServed Shadow Box, is used to remind /k/omrades of the heroes of the US Army and their service to the greatest of all nations. This can happen by posting it as a reaction face to unprofessional statements as well as by posting it as an unrelated pic.


No matter how many guns you own, how many confirmed kills you have, whether you had sex with your Mosin-Nagant or not, if you don’t know about Vining, you are new to /k/.

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