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15 Hilarious Times Photoshop Requests Were Taken Way Too Literally

James Fridman, a graphic designer from the U.K., is known for his Photoshopping skills, which he uses for altering photographs people send to him. He is well known for his different yet comedic perspective, which often means his requests are taken a bit too far. Fridman uses his odd take on the world to make absolute works of art that we'll never forget, even years later. Much of his content has been circulating online for years, and yet it never loses its appeal.

He's one of the online community's favorite Photoshop artists for a reason. No one can accurately predict the way in which he edits a photo to a completely different result than anticipated. He gets countless requests, but few are lucky enough to receive a deformed (yet expertly crafted) picture back. From darkly funny creations to replying with something wholesome, Fridman has a reputation online for his bizarre and unexpected takes on every photo he's sent. These are some of our favorite works of art he's created from requests.


James Fridman @fjamie013 Following> to me James Fridman <> Dude I love your work, I was wondering if you could make my girlfriend arms and doublechin a little bit smaller. Here you go. 12:05 PM-15 Jan 2019

(Source: Twitter)

Washing Machine

James Fridman @fjamie013 Following James Fridman @fjamie013 Sure. Hey James, so this is one of my senior pictures and I wanted to make sure you could tell I was in the water, but it just looks like l'm laying in black dirt... is there any way u could make it look likel was under water more? 12:12 PM-9 Jan 2019

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Growing Out Of It

James Fridman @fjamie013 Following» to me Hi James! Can you please photoshop my ex boyfriend out of the picture? I wanna post a throwback to prom, but we kinda ended on bad terms and I don't want to start anything if I posted one with him. Thank you in advance! James Fridman <> He grew out of it. 12:05 PM - 28 Dec 2018

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All About The Ride

James Fridman @fjamie013 Following James Fridman @fjamie01:3 This should do it. STUDENT LOANS Can you change my car out for something a little more expensive. Thanks you !!!-Tanner 12:09 PM - 17 Dec 2018

(Source: Twitter)

One Shirt Please

James Fridman @fjamie013 Following> tome ▼ James Fridman <> Hey James Can you please edit this picture so my brother and i wear the same t-shirt? Thanks! Done 12:14 PM - 12 Dec 2018

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Huge Fan

James Fridman @fjamie013 Following Hi James!! I'm a huge fan of your work. It's so funny how you make them so clever!! | wanted the perfect picture. I don't care what you put but can you get rid of the "Plz pick up after ur pet m, thank you" You got it CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PE O Reply O Reply 12:14 PM - 7 Aug 2018

(Source: Twitter)

Just a Bit Shorter

James Fridman @fjamie013 Following> James Fridman <> to me Hey James, could you possibly do me a favor and make me look shorter than my boyfriend in this picture? Thanks! Sure. 12:22 PM - 22 Aug 2018

(Source: Twitter)

Just a Bit Older

James Fridman @fjamie013 Following O Reply can you make us look older and at a party or something Sure. 12:12 PM - 8 Sep 2018

(Source: Twitter)

Wings All Day Every Day

James Fridman @fjamie013 Following r fjamie013 Enjoy. Hey there! are you able to edit this so I have wings? 12:14 PM- 12 Oct 2018

(Source: Twitter)

Just a Bit Smaller

James Fridman @fjamie013 Following t fjamie013 Hey! Can you make my boyfriend's face a little smaller in this pic? Thanks Done. 12:12 PM -24 Oct 2018

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James Fridman @fjamie013 Following> to me James Fridman <> Hi Jamie! Here you go, guys. Someone told me that this picture looks like we're on the set of a Jurassic park movie, can you put some dinosaurs in this picture please? 2:10 PM-6 Mar 2018

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James Fridman @fjamie01:3 Following James Fridman @fjamie013 Alrighty. Howdy. Any chance you can give me a mullet? Tanks 12:08 PM - 29 Apr 2018

(Source: Twitter)

As Tall as He Is

Can you make me as tall as he is? Sure.

(Source: Reddit)

Tough Guy

James Fridman @fjamie013 Following> to me James Fridman <> i love vour work and i was woundering could u make my arms look bigger in this picture thank u keeo up the good work Done. iR 12:10 PM - 18 May 2018

(Source: Twitter)

Mission Accomplished

James Fridman @fjamie013 Following> to me Hey James! I really like this picture of myself but I don't like that I was flipping off the camera. Can you make it look like l'm not giving the the middle finger and do something else with my hands thank you! James Fridman <> Done. 12:16 PM -6 May 2018

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