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20 Marvel Memes To Prepare You For 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3'

The next few months are going to be quite wild for Marvel fans, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 releasing this May, and the highly anticipated Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse sequel later this year. Fans are definitely in for a treat this summer. While the MCU has definitely not been the same ever since Avengers: Endgame, there are a lot of interesting new projects coming soon, so we shouldn't lose hope just yet.

We've collected some of the best Marvel-related memes from Reddit /r/marvelmemes to get you hyped for the upcoming roster of films this year, whether you're a Spiderverse fan or you're more into the MCU classics. With three more Marvel movies coming this year, and more to come in Phase Four and so on, it seems appropriate to prepare you for what's to come with a couple of the best memes from the subreddit made to honor your favorite films and shows based on the MCU.

Cared Enough To Make A Meme About It

Me telling someone on the internet that I don't care The rest of the internet turning up to tell me I "cared enough to reply"

(Source: Reddit)

He's Not Wrong

Marvel films are still really good, just people have higher expectations bc of Endgame He's out of line, but he's right

(Source: Reddit)

Lore Accurate Dad

My Dad My Dad From his Childhood stories

(Source: Reddit)

Old Looking Baby

Leah Marilla Thomas @leahmarilla "Ok... draw a baby. Just draw a baby. Sure! You got this. Draw a baby! How hard can it be?" THOMAS! WILLIAM !

(Source: Reddit)

Too True

Me in the mirror Me in a picture

(Source: Reddit)

A Regular Occurrence

My cat who I see everyday literally just existing Me Oh my god! MARVEL MULTIVERSE OF SHITPOSTING

(Source: Reddit)

Someone Wasn't Ready

The only archer in a movie to actually run out of arrows @comic_facts_marvel_de

(Source: Reddit)

Very Mature!

Marvel Studios' The Marvels | Teaser Trailer youtu.be Why girls /: Not good superhero's ! Yea girls are icky

(Source: Reddit)

Peak Vs. Peak

Life is good MARVEL STUDIOS MOCN KNIGHT series Now streaming only on DisNep+ But it can be better DAREDEVIL OCT 19 | NETFLIX Ara

(Source: Reddit)

He's My Spidey

BachShitCray @Bach_ShitCray. Follow Still thinking about when Jimmy Kimmel said Spiderman and then the camera cut to Andrew Garfield and the crowd was silent because they were definitely expecting Tom Holland and then he made this face #oscars 8:22 PM Mar 12, 2023

(Source: Reddit)

The Cameo Of A Lifetime

SPOODERMAN IS CANON Xavier @Xavier8948 Imagine drawing Spider-Man in ms paint really poorly as a joke and years later it's in an official Spider-Man movie.

(Source: Reddit)

The Bad Ending

MARVEL MULTIVERSE OF SHIPUSTING Peter 3, I saw you jumping. Did you save MJ? I was really close again... She's dead.

(Source: Reddit)

Facial Hair Changes Everything

Chris Evans with beard vs Chris. Evans with Mustache ERU TAG AGE Chris Evans @Chris Evans A LOBE "I'm going to let you off with a warning, have a nice day." Vs "Sir I'm going to need you to step out of your vehicle right now."

(Source: Reddit)

In Another Timeline…

Let me guess. No. Who the hell is uncle Ben? PARVEL HOLMESE OF SHOFDSTING Your uncle Ben died and then you became Spider-Man. What the f...

(Source: Reddit)

Gotta Learn The Mother Language!

MCU aliens learning English before coming to Earth:

(Source: Reddit)

We Can Finally Rest.

And don't get me started on Doctor Strange and the little nerd back on Earth 199999 SEE, made with mematic I TOLD YOU SO!

(Source: Reddit)

Stay Positive!

Hey, how's Asgard, man? My father died too... But I got a new axe! Destroyed... I lost my eye and my hammer... Nice! www

(Source: Reddit)

No Mercy


(Source: Reddit)

We Might Be In Trouble…

daijoubu 2 daijoubu Shazam 2 283 Movie-goers daijoubu The The The Flash Flash Haijo Marvels K 2011

(Source: Reddit)

Chang Is Imminent

Ken Jeong @kenjeong My new headshot. @simuliu promised to send it to the MCU. MULTIVER TING MARVEL STUDIOS AVENGERS THE CHANG DYNASTY

(Source: Reddit)

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