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20 Ridiculous Karens Found On Social Media

Karens are consistently one of the worst daily annoyances we experience as a society. There's no reason they should still be out there making everyone else's lives worse, but even after the term "Karen" was introduced years ago and people started calling them out for their terrible behavior and selfishness, they haven't ceased to bring entitlement and mayhem into everyone's lives.

If you think staying home and avoiding all social interaction will keep you away from Karens, you're wrong. Karens have evolved to use social media as a means of voicing complaints, or simply sticking very rude letters in your mailbox because they saw you had a pride flag, which happened to one unfortunate victim below. If you thought you've had enough of Karens, get ready to be surprised by some brand new installments in the ever-growing saga of Karen content, because we've found some particularly horrible Karens for you to "enjoy" today.

This Tweet Is Trashy

is @pearlythings Since I'm going on a rant about trashy things. Tattoos are trashy Fake eye lashes are trashy Heavy makeup is trashy Giant hoop earrings are trashy Getting fat is trashy 10:21 AM Feb 27, 2023 148.7K Views ● ●●●

Karen Gets Offended about the Mention of Slavery at a Plantation

4 weeks ago My husband and I were extremely disappointed in this tour. We didn't come to hear a lecture on how the white people treated slaves, we came to get this history of a southern plantation and get a tour of the house and grounds. The tour guide was so radical about slave treatment we felt we were being lectured and bashed about the slavery. My ancestors were from Sicily, never owned slaves, and my husbands were German, and none of his ever owned slaves. I am by far not a racist or against all Americans having equal rights but this was my vacation and now we are crossing all plantation tours off our list, it was just not what we expected. I'll go back to Louisiana and see some real plantations that are so much more enjoyable to tour.

Does she think plantations have a fun, cheerful history?

What Does That Have to Do With This?

Are you f-ing kidding me? This was $6.99. and this is what I got. Welcome to Biden's America but hey no mean tweets. And in the meantime he is in Ukrain covering his sons a** and the Democrats are so f-ing stupid they vote over and over again for Democrats like sheeps being lead to the slaughter. АМЗЯv a ERS NET WTS OU A A A 1

Does Biden control vegetables?

Teenagers Live There


Typical Day on Twitter

Speaker Dennis Bonnen @RepDennisBonnen - 5h Should schools have a mental health class? "A class where you learn about depression, anxiety, suicide distress, eating disorders, social pressure, ADHD, dyslexia, self-harm, bipolar disorder psychosis, ways to cope, and where to find support and help." Yes 2,620 votes 6 days left 25 242 No 43 Replying to @RepDennisBonnen No. They should have a Bible study class. Mental illness is a cover for demonic possession. Jesus can set you free. 2:23 PM Oct 2, 2020 Twitter Web App

Calling the Manager for Spicy Wings

X 10 reviews 11 months ago This is the Only place tht I buy my subs from,for the past 5 yrs.I decided to by the wings for my little one and they burned her mouth they were soooo spicy.I buy wings All the time from different places and they usually let you kno if they are Extra Spicy.I called and spoke with this young lady who said tht she was the manager and she was very rude to me, and she told me tht her 5 yr old eats them and it's nothing she can do about it. She also said tht wing dings are supposed to be spicy! I have never been treated so rudely by anyone from this deli before.I said well I'll just call back tomorrow and she I'll be here tomorrow too!! Very very nasty young lady!!! Helpful 1 ...

Sounds Like We Found the Real Bad Neighbor

r/legal u/lejumpycloud 12h Can I sue my neighbor if my landlord refuses to take action? I've lived in my New York apartment for 10 years. The state, God help us, recently legalized marijuana. The apartment below mine had been vacant since the pandemic. Last September, a woman moved in. Smoking is explicitly forbidden in our lease. I can sometimes smell marijuana when I walk in the hallways, and I'm convinced it's this woman because I have never had this issue before. I bang on her door whenever the hallway stinks, but she never answers. I've called my management company repeatedly to complain. They always tell me they'll look into it, but she continues to smoke. I'm also convinced that she burns incense, because that stinks up the hallway too. I want this woman out! The smell is a nuisance and might trigger my asthma. I also don't want to have to worry about my building burning down because of a smoker. It makes me furious that she refuses to come to the door and take responsibility. I live directly above her and have tried getting her attention by dropping weights on the floor, stomping around where her bedroom might be, and making lots of coughing noises so she gets the point. Is there any legal action I can take to get her

If she can't put up with it, she should move instead of terrorizing her neighbor. Everyone else will be happy about it.

Texts between a Nurse and the Patient's Wife

Today 11:35 AM Just wanted to let you know there is a wreck on the interstate, so might be a few minutes late for work. Ok, but I asked you to come in early for a reason. I have an important work call, and as you know, it's early release day, so I need you to get off the bus. If you're not here, I'll have to wake up from his nap. Maybe check the traffic next time and allow some extra time for such things.

Karen Is Mad a Winery Doesn’t Like Kids Being Unattended

Amy C. 950 ✰✰✰✰✰ 12 days ago Elitist and pretentious! Have been coming here since 2015 with our extended family (including kids) and this was the first time we felt unwelcome. Salome au - Taylor made us feel unwelcome with her passive aggressive comments about having kids at the winery and the alleged disruption that they would cause. We came on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with live music and several other families with kids, but we were told we needed to keep our kids close and not allow them to wander the grounds. I politely addressed my dissatisfaction with Salome as we were leaving and she was extremely dismissive and unapologetic and simply met my concerns with: "Well, I own the winery..." as if that's somehow supposed to change our perception of how we were treated. We will not be returning in the future. Parents: this is not the place to bring the family even though they have the perfect set up to accommodate. Find someplace else.

If you can't watch your kids, maybe don

Karen vs Son’s Girlfriend vs Dehydration

13:33 r/AmltheAsshole My husband thinks I'm in the right, but my niece helped me make this post on here to see what other people think. I (52f) have three sons ages ranging from 13 to 20. My oldest son (20m) has a girlfriend (19f) that hands around our house a lot... It's a really small house and doesn't have a lot of space. She's a nice girl but gets on my nerves sometimes because she's always over. I really don't think she's right for my son, either. Our tapwater has a weird aftertaste so I order gallon water bottles and use them to refill a big glass bowl with a tap. It is not cheap to get water and other groceries delivered, so I tell my sons, husband, and the girlfriend to be courteous of the other people who live here and not use up the water, as it runs out fast in our big household. 2 Yesterday, I caught her filling up her big metal water bottle with the jug water, and I calmly told her that other people live here, too, and she shouldn't hog the water all to herself. She was rather short with me and said something along the lines of: "Actually, this water bottle is big enough to hold all the water someone should be drinking in a day. I'm not hogging water, I'm just trying to stay hydrated." 91% I found her tone to be disrespectful and ordered her to leave. She scoffed and went back to my son's room. That's when I really got frustrated. I opened their door and told her she has to leave. My son got really angry with me and told me that my girlfriend didn't do anything wrong and why is it a crime for her to drink water? I explained that I order this water for our family to use, not leeches who hang around all day rent-free. My son's girlfriend got a little teary eyed and left the room and out the front door without saying anything. My son told me that I was a major asshole and should have just minded my business. I think she's just wasteful and a brat. AITA? 2076 Л 4 people typing... Add a comment n 0706 r OL---

On a Video of Poor Children Getting Their First Pairs of Shoes

1:23 Shorts Subscriptions Comments 7 min ago We are suppose to walk barefoot. B1 2 replies O pairs of shoes of shoes E 0 B Add a comment... 71 39 Dislike # X

Respond by Getting an Even Bigger Pride Flag

To my neighbor at Coomera Waters 1 March 2023 Sir/Madam I note that your premises have presently placed a so called rainbow covered cloth on your flag mast/pole which denotes the promotion of LGBTIQA+2. For clarity sake, the letters LGBTIQA+2 represent:- L for lesbians; G for homosexuals; B for bisexuals; T for transvestites; I for intersex; Q for queers; A for asexuals; + for any other queer people and the 2 is for letters having two meanings and or representations. Our community in Coomera Waters is a wholesome community and not a queer community and nor does it promote queer conduct-especially to children. As a neighbor who is proud to live in Coomera Waters and its wonderful community I respectfully request that you take down the said cloth immediately and or asap. Please be aware that my friends and me (with children) often walk along the Coomera River area that borders your property and hope that 1/we do not have to be exposed to that which we find offensive, unsavory, abhorrent, corrupting, divisive, outrageous and disgusting. Again respectfully, I/we ask that you fly a real flag such as our National flag and show your patriotism as opposed to one who promotes queer conduct. Further, by displaying the said cloth you give the impression that we at Coomera Waters are accepting for such above mentioned behavior. I assure you that we are NOT and nor do we want anyone to give that false impression which, it seems, you are doing. Your concerned neighbor at Coomera Waters. p.s Should you continue to display said cloth, I/we will write to you again and please do not resort to the tired and nonsensical argument that you are 'inclusive' unless you are prepared to say that you include pedophiles and murderers etc. in your life and circle of friends.

Karen Threatens Violence over Black Teens Listening to Music

Tonight I went to the gym as I often do, when I entered there were 3 young black men blasting rap music loudly on a portable speaker. When I mentioned that that wasn't cool, they turned the music up and made jokes to each other and laughed at my expense. Recently some new rules were posted WHERE NO ONE CAN SEE THEM! One being that no speakers were allowed and that only personal devices should be used. It's obvious that there are people in this neighborhood who have no respect for others. Do I need to bring a weapon with me so I feel safe? Is there a number that I can call when I feel threatened? This type of behavior has happened before. I'm going on record stating there is a safety issue at the gym. What are you going to do about it? Greg


12:57 ← K business 15:31 2 Karen 14 reviews a year ago J Timothy's, I will never step foot into again. They practice bad business. Rude too. We asked if they can do a catering service for a wake service, (and yes they do catering. ) WE WERE FLAT OUT REFUSED BY THE MANAGER) And the reason was super bowl is this week !!!!! We said are you completely shutting down for the week, they said no. So they serve their customers, but flat out refused us. We did end up going elsewhere, and we gave them more business. WORD OF MOUTH IS POWERFUL. . 77% 000

Karen vs 12-Year-Old at a Skate Park

Karen won't let me skate Calvinmirko 6.1M views 2 years ago 2 yr ago Karens be like: "911 what's your emergency" "Yes, this teenager is skating at a skatepark" 7.5K TEXT putty 0:49

Gas Station Encounter

Just a heads up. Friday afternoon I went to the Circle K store to get gas in my gas can. I used my debit card and got regular gas for $4.04 a gallon. I checked my receipt afterwards and they had charged me $4.84 a gallon. I was very upset. I went inside to tell the guy and he kept telling me that he didn't know what happened and he didn't know how to fix it. I told him I wasn't leaving until I got my money. He finally said I will give it to you out of my own pocket. I said fine well instead of doing it right then he made me wait while he took care of 3 other people. And then he kept saying. "Well it's only $2.00" I said yeah this time. What if I had filled my truck up. Be more than JUST $2.00 So while he was getting it he was saying how I was taking money from a hardworking person. I said oh and I'm not? He threw the money at me and I told him I would make sure people knew about this. Then he tells me that he will make sure I am not allowed there anymore. I said fine. Don't want to come there and get ripped off anyway. So watch your receipts folks. Everyone is in on the scamming it seems +1 20 Neighbors Like

It’s Just an Airline Safety Rule

< yahoo/news COCONUTS 'Get out': Australian amputee alleges 'humiliating' experience from Singapore Airlines staff for sitting at emergency exit row Coconuts Singapore 14 March 2023, 11:15 am SINGAPORE AIRLINES An amputee is alleging discrimination and rude service from Singapore Airlines staff who did not allow her to sit in the emergency exit row. 23, told Australia's ABC News yesterday that she was discriminated against by Singapore Airlines staff on two occasions during her family trip to Europe from Australia in January.

“Weird Activity”

9:47 ◄ Mail < WEIRD ACTIVITY- 11 Was just walking my dog... And a YOUNG MAN WITH A BENNIE ON HIS HEAD & A BACK PACK @ my homes dumpster claiming he was throwing something away" although I didn't see the dumpster lid move..... ?? I stood there with my DOG & he left walking towards NKings swiftly !!! O 1/11 AC YN • 1 Neighbor Home • Comment Discover + Post Like Q For Sale 20 Notifications

What's so unusual about this? Are people not supposed to wear beanies or backpacks anymore?

Grass Fed Chicken

i went into a whole foods and got to hear a woman arguing with a guy at the meat counter because she wanted grass fed organic chicken and he was desperately trying to explain to her that chickens don't eat grass

When the Seat Next to You Is Served First

leoie in the other place @leoie Wow @british_airways your standards are seriously slipping. Gold exec club members sitting in 1A and 1C on #BA1466 and your staff elected to serve 1F first. No apology, just 'oh he was closest' (which he totally wasn't) The race to the bottom has broken your brand. 20:13 18/03/2023 from London, England. 13.1K Views .

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