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What Is 'GTA VI,' And What's Going On With All Those Leaks? The Long-Awaited Rockstar Game Explained

The long-awaited sequel to the hit game GTA VI has been in the works for almost a decade. Since the release of GTA V in September 2013, fans have been desperately waiting for a sequel to the franchise. From rumors to leaks and lots of controversies all over social media, Grand Theft Auto VI has been creating lots of buzz online.

Set to be released later this year or 2024, it is still in very early development, but that hasn't stopped the internet from losing their minds. Many people have taken to the internet to create memes and posts to mock any leaks or rumors that are revealed online, usually talking about how hyperrealistic the graphics will look when or if the game ever comes out.

But why is this unreleased title such a staple in meme culture? And more importantly, why does everyone seem so eager to find out when (or if) this game is actually coming out? Let's explain.

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What Is 'Grand Theft Auto VI?'

Grand Theft Auto VI is the next upcoming open-world action game by Rockstar Games. From all the information that we have, the game is set to be released later this year or in 2024 and has been in the works for almost a decade. After the huge success of the last game, it makes perfect sense that there is lots of anticipation for the sequel to the franchise.

It's been almost 10 years since GTA V, but that hasn't stopped Rockstar from consistently updating the game since then, especially the online mode. Rockstar's most recent title, Red Dead Redemption 2, released in 2018, was met with lots of praise by consumers and journalists alike, especially for its vast and immersive open world.

While there have been lots of leaks and rumors surfacing online, there are some pieces of information that Rockstar has confirmed to be true, like having a female lead character in the game, and it supposedly being set in a fictional version of Miami (namely, Vice City from GTA Vice City).

Whipper Snapper @BlarginBadibble Me when GTA 6 finally drops. 5:45 PM. Feb 5, 2021 Twitter for iPhone NIK :

How Is 'GTA VI' Used In Memes?

After the release of 90 video clips back on the GTAForums in September 2022, there has been a slew of online reactions and memes all over Twitter and Reddit, usually mocking the leaker who revealed the information online or making humourous jabs at how old fans will be when Rockstar finally decides to release the game.

Maybe: Ashton @Ashton_DNKTC Rockstar finding out GTA 6 is trending for a real reason this time 7:54 AM Sep 18, 2022 Twitter Web App ... 5,161 Retweets 86 Quote Tweets 67.5K Likes #RE4Remake iEv*. @iiiux77 The person who leaked gta vi. #GTA6 #gta6leaked CJ 1:21 PM Sep 18, 2022. Twitter for iPhone . 312 Retweets 12 Quote Tweets 2,818 Likes 12837 $00000350

Due to how highly anticipated this game is, it makes sense that a lot of the memes about it are in regard to when it will actually come out, or just throwing punches at the hundreds of online personalities that spread even more rumors about the game.

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What Was The Recent 'GTA VI' Leak?

While the leaks are now being taken down, recently, some information about the upcoming game has come forward. A screenshot from the game seems to show an elaborate and exciting new map of Vice City, which has been making rounds online. It seems whoever's behind the leak also has some inside information on when the game will be released, implying that we can expect to see it around the 2024 holiday season.

For the full history of 'GTA VI,' make sure you check out our full entry on the game here.

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