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What's The Meaning Of 'Hot Rodent Boyfriend' And Why Are They So Desirable? The 'Hot Rodent Men' Obsession Explained

There's a new type of man going viral across social media and everyone wants one. This hot new type of man is known as a hot rodent man and celebrities like Jeremy Allen White, Josh O’ Connor and Mike Faist are being touted as some of the most popular examples of the term. So what are hot rodent men and what makes a hot rodent boyfriend so desirable? Here's what you need to know.

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What Are 'Hot Rodent Men?'

In May 2024, Dazed Digital published an article titled "All anyone wants is a hot rodent boyfriend." Using several X / Twitter posts as evidence, the article claims that the hottest type of man right now is the "hot rodent man." The article describes these men as, "usually more svelte than muscular, with more pinched, angular features."

The article goes on to claim hot rodent men are "often not conventionally handsome, but this only makes them more hot." Some examples of hot rodent men include Josh O'Connor and Mike Faist from the film Challengers and Jeremy Allen White from The Bear. Seemingly, the term has some crossover with the idea of the sickly skinny white man that some also find desirable.

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How Are 'Hot Rodent Men' Discussed Online?

The idea of hot rodent men started to spread across social media in late May, with publications like the Daily Mail discussing it. The term was even featured on the talk show TODAY with Hoda & Jenna. Now, it's going viral, with many people reacting to the idea of a "hot rodent man" as both funny and relatable.

Some users are sharing screenshots of all the media publications reporting on the term to highlight its reach. Others who have the same desire for rat-like men are sharing how relatable the idea is and posting their own examples of hot rodent men, adding new examples to the ever-growing genre of man.

????? jess @ZEFFIR3LLI BG Եւ 5 Rise of 'hot rodent' stars 9:04 AM - Jun 3, 2024 - 5.5M Views Daily Mail How 'hot rodent' men became Hollywood's sexiest heartthrobs: Gen Z fans are going wild for actors with... 2 days ago eBaum's World Women Are Obsessed With Finding 'Hot Rodent Boyfriends' 12 hours ago D Dazed All anyone wants is a hot rodent boyfriend 3 weeks ago Pedestrian TV Everyone Wants A Rat Boyfriend And Here's Why It's A Good Thing 1 day ago stoned cold fox @roastmalone_ we're talking hot rodent men and no one mentioned king capybara himself Glen Powell? How 'hot rodent' men became Hollywood's sexiest heartthrobs: Gen Z fans are going wild for actors with unusual features including Barry Keoghan, Kieran Culkin and Jeremy Allen White By Alanah Khosla For Mailonline 14:20 02 Jun 2024, updated 14:26 02 Jun 2024 CCM IC HB 12:37 AM - Jun 5, 2024-3,446 Views

For the full history of hot rodent men, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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