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Why Is This Japanese McDonald's Ad So Popular? 'Trad' Conversations Around The McDonald's Family Ad Explained

A Japanese advertisement for McDonald's has caused a stir online, with its depiction of a happy family warming hearts and leading people to discuss the way popular media depicts family values. While the ad is a brief looping video originally posted to Japan's official X profile, it grew into a wider meme trend that touched on internet "trad" circles, Japan's declining birth rates, and pro-family propaganda on the internet.

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Here's everything you need to know about the Japanese family McDonald's advertisement, featuring a dad eating with a nearly identical-looking mother and daughter pair.

What Is The Japanese McDonald's Advertisement?

In September 2023, the X profile for Japanese McDonald's posted an advertisement for the fast food company in the form of a short anime-style video. The commercial featured a brunette father eating with his orange-haired mom and daughter, with the little girl swaying with happiness after eating a fry.

The video was a hit with audiences that found the advertisement refreshingly sweet and simple, with many conservative internet users seeing the ad as a push for the more "traditional" family values they see as lacking in Western popular culture.

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Other internet users found the dissonance between the pro-family ad and Japan's declining birth rates amusing, with some people making jokes about the commercial being the work of the late Shinzo Abe.

What Are Some More Memes About Japan's McDonald's Advertisement?

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For the full history of Japanese family McDonald's ad, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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