The Great M&M's Spokescandies Saga Ends With Maya Rudolph Ad And Ho-hum Announcement Of Their 'Return'

February 13th, 2023 - 12:31 PM EST by Adam Downer

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m&ms maya rudolph spokescandies.

After over one full calendar year of the M&M's spokescandies somehow being a controversial topic, America's long national nightmare may have finally come to an end last night in a 30-second Super Bowl ad starring Maya Rudolph.

Last January, M&M's announced some personality tweaks to its spokescandies, softening some of their more "extreme" edges to appeal to modern audiences. This included making the Red M&M less antagonistic and making the Green M&M less horny. The subtle changes made a cohort of conservatives, particularly Tucker Carlson, and others very mad as the debacle spiraled into a months-long controversy.

Months later, Carlson ran a second segment after M&Ms introduced a female, purple M&M that was larger than her sisters because she had a peanut inside of her.

The bewildering outrage then led M&M's to announce they were "pausing" their candies and replacing them with Maya Rudolph. Many suspected it was a hoax implemented to generate hype for a Super Bowl ad, which M&M's confirmed three days after the announcement.

The ad sees Maya Rudolph promoting "Ma&Yas" instead of M&M's, a fictional candy that is a chocolate-covered clam. At the end of the ad, the Red and Yellow spokescandies can be seen calling for help in the back of the set.

Immediately after the Super Bowl, M&M's posted two videos showing that the usual M&M's mascots had returned with no mention of Rudolph.

After months of the hullaballoo surrounding M&M's, social media was left to wonder if it was all worth it. Others who aren't so chronically online lacked the context behind the Super Bowl ad and were wildly confused as to what the whole skit meant.

On behalf of the Very Online of America, here's hoping the Super Bowl ad, confusing and underwhelming to many, is the last salvo in the Great M&M's War. One prays that no further outrage could be generated from something so trivial, but of course, the late-night pundits have yet to speak on the matter, so America is not out of the woods yet.

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