The Internet Reacts To Tucker Carlson's Fitting (And Memeable) Take On The M&Ms Modern Redesign

January 25th, 2022 - 11:23 AM EST by Adam Downer

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Tucker Carlson miserable non binary candy m&ms character redesign fox news.

It's rare to see left-leaning circles of Twitter retweeting stills of Fox News demagogue Tucker Carlson, but the site's been flooded with a still from Carlson's recent segment on the M&Ms modern makeover thanks in large part to its genius chyron: "Miserable, non-binary candy is all we deserve."

The segment itself was generally viewed as deeply weird, as Carlson bemoaned how Mars candy company was on a mission to make the orbital candy mascots "less sexy" and "deeply unappealing."

"You wouldn’t want to have a drink with any one of them," Carlson sighed while looking at fictional, personified candy morsels.

While the segment itself provided fodder for late-night talk shows and political commentary YouTube channels, it was the chyron that stuck with Twitter users, particularly among left-leaning users who were generally as unenthused about the new candy personalities as their right-leaning counterparts, albeit for different reasons. Many joked that they saw themselves described in the chyron, as who among us has not felt like a miserable, non-binary candy from time to time?

Overall, the grand M&Ms redesign is still not being well-received by most online, as many tend to view it as pointless and overzealously pandering. One wonders if Mars will pull a Sonic the Hedgehog movie backtrack and announce that the backlash has convinced them to make the Green M&M sexy again.

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