Video Of Times Square Purports To Show Billboard Saying 'Glory To Urine,' But It's Quickly Debunked As A Hoax

September 21st, 2023 - 5:16 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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The fake Times Square billboard next to the same location in reality and a tweet debunking the hoax.

Some online were hooting and hollering this afternoon due to an apparent prank or AI-related error that caused a Times Square billboard welcoming Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to New York City to read "Glory to Urine" instead of "Glory to Ukraine."

Video of the apparent error was first tweeted by the news organization "Insider Corner." The video was then reposted by right-wing news website The Blaze and influencers such as Ian Miles Cheong and Charlie Kirk shortly after.

It didn't take long for New Yorkers to verify that the viral "Glory to Urine" video was a complete hoax.

NBC News reporter Ben Collins did the intense detective work to debunk the clip after it spread, which involved the laborious process of "going outside."

Just an hour ago, Collins traveled to the exact same location the "Glory to Urine" video was supposed to be taken from and sarcastically quipped that the construction crews in New York City must have moved very quickly to remove all the scaffolding present in the "Glory to Urine" clip by the time he got there, as well as install new stores.

Of course, Collins was merely pointing out all the differences between the "Urine" video and that block of New York City as it actually is today to demonstrate the video was doctored.

It's unclear why the doctored video exists and why it was posted by Insider Corner this afternoon, as the publication seems fairly down the political middle in its own reporting. Whatever the case, the hoax was quickly snuffed out, though it certainly fooled some in its brief time in the viral spotlight.

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