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Necro910:  That Krieger Dude
Necro910: That Krieger Dude

To be honest, I feel like all four of these are very reasonable goals if you give yourself enough time to build up to that point, but the real problem is having the time/effort to focus on it. Doing a 10km run consistently at 6-7mph (the border of running and jogging) would mean you finish the run in one hour, and the 100 stuff would probably take twenty minutes to an hour as well. That's a lot of time spent every day.

I'd say a year or less would probably be good enough to build up to that point, given what I saw with some people at the karate dojo I went to. I've seen people get to the point that 100+ push-ups, 100+ sit-ups, or 100+ squats are easy and their only constraint at that point is "how fast we reach the number" instead of the usual "how high is the number", but I've only seen people going for one of those goals at a time so I don't know how fast someone could reach all three.

Being able to jog at 6-7mph for one hour straight would be the 10km run, so going for a brisk 10km walk and working up the speed from there every day would be how to accomplish that over time. My old PE teacher was a fitness nut who would spend almost every free moment of her time jogging or exercising so she did way more than 10km per day. I think 10km per day was how much she did while pregnant. Seriously, I think her baby may have been from her passionate love of exercise instead of her husband. NEXT TIME, ON THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW…


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